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Reader says ,” it reminds me of Yugoslavia under Tito”

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Hey Village council – – you are really doing a nice job maintaining the charm of the Village.
Between the wild construction, parking garages built to satisfy the whims of developers, restaurant owners and other oligarchs, the concrete slabs, VIP’s who are more equal than others, and now, the guard towers, it reminds me of Yugoslavia under Tito. Where are we putting the barbed wire?

3 thoughts on “Reader says ,” it reminds me of Yugoslavia under Tito”

  1. They need the tower to see where the drunks go after Santacon

  2. The Squares remaining surviving metal illuminated Traffic crossing island Bollard was mowed down by left turner in the traffic square .Every person is on their own each dark night and morning,

    First of the pair was decapitated by left turning school bus one year back.Pedestrians now have little defense on that small mid street curbing island from left turning cars & trucks ,buses heading down the trestle bridge.

  3. Rome is burning at NJT finances ,but show of force in place

    Might be a lookout for the pending shadow line of the Garazilla
    Towers about to destroy that neighborhood..also blocking the November & December holiday tree view from Hudson street.Just the facts please..

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