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Reader says its all about Make the money and run


Look there are 160 homes on the market in the village Ridgewood as of today. Senior citizens and other residents are moving out we’re downsizing because of the taxes they will not retire in town on the realtor and this is what I’m told every single day. Don’t let anybody give you any kind of bullshit story the taxes are way too high in town. Yes there are buyers coming from Europe and all major cities throughout the United States because they all want to work in Manhattan People are following the money but days of working for someone for 25 years is pretty much over there is no more loyalty. For few between. Make the money and run.

4 thoughts on “Reader says its all about Make the money and run

  1. Save your money and take an English lesson .

  2. How about save your money and move out of Ridgewood

  3. I can’t understand this post.

  4. You don’t have to understand stop Being nosy

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