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Reader says , ” its not grandstanding ,it’s dirty politics “

Valley Hospital

I wouldn’t put anything past the politicians. This is not about grandstanding douche bags, this is about dirty politics I don’t give two shits what that paper says. If Valley Hospital decide to sell that property they can and no one can stop them up selling that land that they own all you people that’s stupid. Yes they are plans for the next few years is to run that has a few different medical items that’s in that article. Don’t tell me 10 years down the road if they decide to sell that land to a developer hello wake up stupid.

17 thoughts on “Reader says , ” its not grandstanding ,it’s dirty politics “

  1. Whats’ with the foul language?

  2. Foul language comes from the top, in the form of one weasly little councilman who calls people DOUCHEBAG and FATSO and so on.

  3. What do you have a fetish for him?

  4. Let’s not emulate people we don’t respect.

  5. Wow, this town has become such an embarrassment. Right from the top. Time to clean house .I could see in a few more years do you watch the federal government’s going to take over. There’s so much dirty business have been going on for a long time. It’s time to open up a can of Whip ass .

  6. Yeah, right, the federal government is interested in taking over Ridgewood.

  7. Just pick up the leaves Big pauly , collect your paycheck, get your six pack and then head back to West Milford.

  8. Big pauley.. Who did you vote for or didn’t you vote.

  9. Is big Pauly a landscaper. If so please come by my house. I wait to the end to do my leaves. After all the wind storms and all the leaves have been falling down I do one cleanup and I have a cold beer. Yummy. And for Valley Hospital Guess what you people have no idea what’s going to happen with half of that site. I worked there by n guess what you people have no idea what’s going to happen with half of that site. I worked there , I exactly know. Some will be crying.

  10. @Who Cares:
    If some will be crying we will will be dropping a tear or two as well. Impact will be felt everywhere. Why don’t you share with us some of what you know? Will Valley be selling it? How about the North former Ford site? Merry Christmas.

  11. Big pauly = Who cares = DPW

  12. Great way to start a rash of sales of homes around the Perimeter of Valley property ..who Gains ? Realtors.,who looses ? property owners ,families and taxpayers..kind of has a ring to it…realtor favorable outcomes…Taxpapers
    get ready for the Shaft…they gamed the whole town on every raised garage on Hudson St will be a slum
    in 10 years…A beacon from hell..always lit,,always filthy,
    Always taking sun and air from that neighborhood.New GARAGE DISTRICT..Churches will curse the day they said nothing….a wrong BET..

  13. How is it acceptable that there are still leaves on many of Ridgewood streets. Does RW have special leaves that are much harder to collect then other nearby towns. They missed the schedule for my street at Thanksgiving and left no where for visitors to park. We have the same issue at Christmas.

    Just awful town services Just awful

  14. Valley has no secret plan, it has a obvious business plan. When they were unable to secure the approvals to build a profitable, modern facility they found a town to move to.

    The short sighted folks who helped drive them from town will now deal with some new realities. Part of the property will be an out patient service with non stop vans and other required service vehicles from all over the larger area. A larger part of the location will be sold most likely to a developer who will build as per new density standard.

    Never understood people who buy next to a commercial location or busy road and then complain non stop about those things. What is really confusing is the other folks who listen and yield to them.

  15. Valley already owns most of the property around the site

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