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Reader says , “It’s tough for Ridgewood to compete with Midtown Direct Service”


The Midtown Direct train ride through certain Essex County towns straight into Penn Station (34th street) in Manhattan remains the gold standard for NJ residents. It’s tough for Ridgewood to compete with that, even though we do enjoy the most convenient (i.e., combination of short and frequent trips from one train station) train service yo and from the Secaucus Transfer station of any town in Bergen County. Now that the inbound Lincoln Tunnel has been hobbled due to desperately needed road work, the permanent lane shutdown from this road work creates an unavoidable bottleneck that hurts the efficiency of the many Coach USA buses that carry commuters from the Ridgewood Park-n-Ride to Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd street) in NYC midtown. Hopefully that road work will be completed soon. Also hopefully, all of the West Bergen, Weehawken, Hoboken and Secaucus mayors are very polite to Governor Murphey and his political enforcers during this period of cross-Hudson traffic “difficulties”. Or is that just a republican problem (LOL).

5 thoughts on “Reader says , “It’s tough for Ridgewood to compete with Midtown Direct Service”

  1. I heard from the mouth of a former high level port authority official ( top tier) that the
    Helix ramp from 495 NJT into and from the Lincoln tunnel is well beyond its safe life span and has to be replaced.Imagine that scene every morning on a NJT BUS TO THE CITY MIDTOWN Port Authority Bus terminal.Time to is the new sheriff in town..young people have this figured out and moving south to nicer more affordable
    housing to start their families.We are the fools.

  2. Yes you are the fools. Do you want to work in New York City and make all the money, will deal with the bullshit. If not move closer.

  3. Yep. Move south, maybe South Carolina?, before the multi-decade grand solar minimum (some have dubbed it the Eddy Minimum) gets its icy hooks too deep into the U.S. northeast.

  4. The road work on Route 495 in North Bergen is expected to take 2 years.

  5. solar Eddy got some splainin to Du

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