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Reader says Kids concerned that peers and teachers will look at her differently if they stay in classroom


My kid is in HS and doesn’t feel like she wants to go for the walkout. However she asked me what she should do as she is concerned that peers and teachers will look at her differently if she stays in classroom. See what happens? What am I supposed to tell her? I want her to follow her heart but I am also concerned that she may be subject to repercussions. This walkout shouldn’t happen during school hours. Either after hours or weekends. This way kids would be free to act as they wish without concerns of being watched. This administration is ruining the kids with political siding.

18 thoughts on “Reader says Kids concerned that peers and teachers will look at her differently if they stay in classroom

  1. This looks like the current management in the village.

  2. Principal Gorman said on Monday morning, 3/12, that he allowed the walkout because: “It’s a national movement.” When pressed and reminded, “But this is your school!”, he went further, saying “This is a powderkeg.”
    Has this issue really turned Ridgewood High School into a powderkeg?

  3. 2/3 of our tax dollars go to the BOED. Just remember folks.

  4. Like pet rocks, this too will fade away.

  5. For a HS student, the question is “Is this a battle I want to fight —do I want to stand apart from the crowd?” If not, call in sick Monday morning. That is not cowardly, that is a personal decision as to whether the social blowback is worth taking a stand. If you want to take a stand–the stand should be ” I am not a sheep. I do not of course support gun violence in schools but I am protesting this orchestrated political rally. I will not be a pawn manipulated by the media or the school administration”.

    Of course, there are many who want to stand in solidarity on this issue. They do want to protest and are not merely responding to the school’s directive. More power to them as well. Follow your heart and your conscience.

  6. Powderkeg? #firstworldproblem kids need something to make them feel relevant, then some can go back to their regular bullying tactics, capturing them on video and sharing them on (anti-) social media.

  7. Liberal Progressive Indoctrination
    This “Protest” should not be happening during school hours…
    A good attorney could get an injunction to stop this.
    Oh wait this is New Jersey…

  8. That picture is great . If that is not the village politics you tell me. Because they do what they want, not what you and I would like. All the waste of time of voting for this or that. It’s so bullshit we can smell it.

  9. Reasonable people can disagree reasonably about this issue and others. But for the admins of this Blog to invoke the worst nightmare of the past hundred years with that photo is appalling and should be condemned. It is shameful. Democracy requires that all can express their views and opinions. To invoke the horror of naziism and to even allude this is reflective of the village is abhorrent.

  10. Hey big pauly that’s so true, they are so cold. Some say they don’t even have a back spine .

  11. Kudos to the poster who raised a child capable of thinking for herself.

  12. Oh, okay Dwar, so you’re basically accusing PJ of incivility. Take a ticket and get in line. And while you’re waiting to be served, try really, really hard to think of something useful to say. On this blog, that dog no longer hunts. That train has left the station, etc., etc. In short, the “civility” issue has been exposed forevermore to be a backdoor version of censorship. 98 percent of the time, the person agitating for “civility” is doing nothing other than trying to get a person they disagree with politically to voluntarily shut themselves up. And that’s not going to happen here anymore (if it ever did happen).

  13. The accompanying photo is really just appalling. To imply that ANYTHING going on in this community — whether you agree with it or not — is even remotely reflective of NAZISM is so shameful, intellectually dishonest, and completely unproductive. Pathetic. Pitiful.

  14. The point of relevance is that the picture illustrates the small subset of Nazism called the Hitler Youth. The administrators and faculty of any given public school system in America are fixated, in love with the notion of converting the students under their care and instruction into political “mini me’s” (hence the “Hitler Youth” analogy), ready at the drop of a hat (or at a triggering tweet to a “flash mob”) to “fight the power” of any governmental authority that is not actively pushing their radical progressive political agenda. A picture is worth a thousand words, Dwar. You really need to stop clutching those pearls.

  15. 9:09 Evoking any reference to the horrors of Nazism and the terror of that era is abhorrent. There is no “explanation” that justifies that photo. It should never have been posted; it should be removed.

  16. Please retire the picture of this evil killer once and for all.A bucket of dirt could represent his cruel legacy as a mass murderer

  17. yes… only use this picture when talking about Trump – that is sanctioned …
    … but please don’t use it when talking about liberal fascism.

  18. Use this picture only about tromp are you high on drugs. Do you have your head up your ass again. Would you rather have Obama back, please stop the horseshit. You people never be happy. Go vote for Roberta to be for president .

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