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Reader says Legal Weed ,”big tax revenue will never materialize”


Marijuana is a gateway drug.
Every opioid and heroin addict began with marijuana .
The drug dealers will still be the biggest suppliers since their weed will be cheaper than the “legal” version with the big tax on it… And the big tax revenue will never materialize, just as the gas tax increase caused a decrease in gallons since the truckers no longer bought cheaper diesel here and the promised extra money never materialized.. How do you like the roads in 2019? Worse than ever with potholes
Do you Really expect drug dealers to collect tax ?….
This will go over like a fart in church.

5 thoughts on “Reader says Legal Weed ,”big tax revenue will never materialize”

  1. Yep, not sure why we need those tax dollars anyway because legalized gambling was supposed to overflow our state with money.
    Liberals’ lowering health and welfare standards for increased tax dollars is as bad as old time industrialists polluting our environment.

  2. Let’s continue to believe financial projections from clowns that have driven us into a fiscal embankment.

  3. Oh we need to text money.

  4. Sorry to write it but legalized hooch will bring in significant revenue. NJ is the most densely populated state in the union. That fact alone will create a booming business. However, the issue is no matter how much revenue generators are blessed by our politicians, they will find a way to spend more than they take in…and that is the moral hazard we face as voters.

  5. Ask any family law attorney if he/she has seen what gambling has done to their family. Thank you New Jersey for keeping our citizens & sin taxes perfect together.

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