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Reader says MORE accidents happen when the speed limit is 25mph.

MORE accidents happen when the speed limit is 25mph.
1. It is so slow the driver’s mind wanders
2. It is so slow that OTHER drivers get frustrated and aggressive and drive recklessly when following someone driving 25mph
3. The cars are moving so slowly that pedestrians perceive cars to be a lesser danger and treat them as such.
This is what puts pedestrians at greater risk.
This 25mph hysteria is wrong headed. What is needed are responsible speed limits based the congestion and traffic patterns… but that approach is not an easy hashtag-feel-good solution.

6 thoughts on “Reader says MORE accidents happen when the speed limit is 25mph.

  1. How fast would you like the speed limit to br in downtown Ridgewood?

  2. Show me one study backing this nonsense

  3. And the writer of this article gets the “Idiot of the Day” award.

  4. Well why don’t we get Jeff Voigt to run some statistics on this. He is such a highly respected statistician, my god, what would we do without him to keep us safe. Said no one. EVER.

  5. East Ridgewood Ave from Maple to the train station should be LOWER than 25 because of the narrower streets, more pedestrians and the numerous buses in-and-out of the the Oak St. station. If you can’t suppress your ADHD when you drive for safety’s sake, you may want to re-think driving altogether.

  6. Bulldozing the current Train Station for out of towners with compact car issues and fleecing them for 1K should be completely taken off the table.We all know this is part of the lies to justify the funding shortages of the raised concrete Garage that no taxpayer wants unless they own a business in the district . We just SAY NO.dark season approaches ,it’s dangerous enough as it exists today but users have the patterns’s Uber that’s the idling
    problem at the station doors that creates the bottlenecks and needless dangers.

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