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Reader says new ,”apartments will breath life back into our downtown” ie tattoo parlors , strip clubs and so on

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“I agree these apartments will breath life back into our downtown. I see a future of more fast food joints, tattoo parlors, vape rooms and all sort of other steppingstones into the future. Its the vocalenti’s who don’t see the need for this development.

Yes, let’s not forget strip clubs! And bless those on the council who brought us to this land of milk and honeypots, and the vocal villagers who turned out to sing their praises and still offer apologies almost every day for them. “

18 thoughts on “Reader says new ,”apartments will breath life back into our downtown” ie tattoo parlors , strip clubs and so on

  1. At least it will be life

  2. Satin Dolls will be better than Jersey Mikes and yet another frozen yogurt shop. Higher pay per visit, will pay to park, and the local beauty salons will have a new younger clientele to add to their Stepford Wives crew.

  3. You also forgot drug dealers , homeless shelters , hookers ,and pawn shops

  4. Can’t wait for the strip clubs!!

  5. We already have the drug dealers.

  6. Rents are unchanged over the past 20 years in the Ridgewood CBD, unlike comparable towns where they’ve doubled or more – and business owners pay their property taxes just the same as the rest of us despite getting no benefit from the 65% of their tax bill going to the schools. Y’all should be a little more humble and appreciative of that fact.

  7. Wood, you sound like such a nasty piece of work. You could probably use some medicinal marijuana and a lap dance about now anyway.

  8. Already also have lots of gold & jewelry pawn shops and “vintage” consignment used clothing & handbag stores… Wood, you should walk East Ridgewood Ave and South Broad, enlighten yourself.

  9. taxpayers are buying you a $20 million garage , I would suggest a thank you and you wonder why residents don’t support the CBD ,btw the CBD only pays 13% at most of the taxes in the Village and rents are far high er than surrounding towns

  10. Well at least the police will have something to do.

  11. Imagine the RPD actually walking the beat in the CBD once again instead of driving around in their bullet proof SUVs with dark windows so we can’t see them talking on their cellphones! Or maybe they can station an MRAP by the new garage in case the sh&t goes down with all the drug dealers and hookers!

  12. Wow, so unlike Valley, Habernickle and Schedler, the CBD business owners pay 13% of the $160 million in property taxes raised annually in Ridgewood? That is $21 million. Or $13.5 mm for the BOE which they derive no direct benefits from out of the total $110 mm BOE budget and $50 mm Municipal budget. I bet they pay their Ridgewood water bills, too. Stay humble.

  13. Saraceno and Valley have been promising methadone clinics and welfare offices forever if they don’t get their way

  14. Thirteen percent to ruin the town with a garage. Shit. I would much rather have my property taxes raised a little and keep the CBD without multifamily housing and garage. Paul Vagianos is a liar. He said the CBD PAYS for Ridgewood, like the GREAT MALLS pay for Paramus. Not true. 13 percent to ruin a town , not my way, but no one asked me. Shit 13 percent who cares about a CBD. Sorry, I shop at Paramus Park Mall. Who needs a CBD. It could just as well be individual houses and tax income would approximate the 13 percent without all the traffic and congestion. It is bull shit that the town needs a stores anyway, cept the grocery stores.

  15. Wow, $20+ million per year in property taxes from commercial property owners, and that’s without this Council even challenging Valley’s “not for profit” status, which they could (should) have done years ago to lessen the property tax burden on the rest of us! And you’re moaning about a $20 million garage that will alleviate any residual parking shortages in the CBD?Serious chutzpah! Losing site of the forest for the trees, oi vey.

  16. And you were stupid enough to think that Paul Vagianos was not lying to you?

  17. The CBD is a dump. Pawn shops, drug dealers, no visible police patrolling on foot, no street sweeping anymore, and a hodge podge of frozen yogurt and coffee shops. What’s worth preserving here? The movie theater? This Council has abandoned business owners and their tenants.

  18. thats why they are spending $20 million on a parking garage?

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