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Reader says,” NJEA owns Governor Murphy “

Ridgewood EA teachers protest

Let’s talk about the “abbot districts” as established by NJ Supreme Court.
The state mandate the same $$$ is spent per student in every district.
Nice thought, but it won’t work. Why?
The teachers union objects to school choice so underperforming lazy tenured teachers can slide while the students do not learn.
More important is that in Paterson , an abbot district, students only need to attend in order to progress from one grade to another, and get a diploma.
So let’s get the secret out… A diploma from one of these districts is as worthless as a piece of toilet paper.
If the motivate students could choose a school to attend, with a voucher, they would excell.
But thanks to the NJ teachers unions it will never happen. They own Gov Murphy

4 thoughts on “Reader says,” NJEA owns Governor Murphy “

  1. This sums it up: “underperforming lazy tenured teachers can slide while the students do not learn.” Biding their time until they can collect their pensions while professing that, “They do it for the kids.” The profession needs to be competitive with an understanding that all schools and students present different challenges, i.e., urban districts vs. the leafy suburbs and salaries should reflect it. Ridgewood teachers are very spoiled whiners and as we are seeing losing to other suburban systems in the ratings.

  2. The original post lacks any insight into the myriad of problems plaguing underperforming schools. Some armchair school expert who clearly has not spent a day in a classroom since graduation.

  3. little one goes to Ridge. “what did you learn today? – We had an assembly on gratitude”.
    R U Fing Kidding me.
    how about this – how about reading, writing and math.
    Do people even know the garbage they are “teaching” these kids? Gratitude assembly? Christ.

  4. To the moron #2 anon.
    Giving a diploma based on attendance is THE myriad problem you refer to, if close behind the lazy Union thug teachers who do not do their job.
    You sound like a typical Union lacky protected by tenure.

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