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Reader says , “Not just election year mud slinging”

For the poster above that wants to say this is just election year mud slinging do your own investigation instead of reading the talking points. That eye doctor Uncle Bob was hanging out with is a bad dude and he bought access all the way up to President Clinton. Say all you want about a hung jury in his criminal trial (let that sink in – his criminal trial) but is that what you want as your senator “indicted but only almost convicted?” And let’s not forget that the biggest ol’ Boys club in the history of western civilization actually censured one of their own in a bi-partisan basis when they found his behavior indefensible. Let that sink in too: a whole bunch of democrat senators said “Bob, tone it down, you’re making us look bad and now we have no choice but to do something about it.” Vote for whoever you want but at least be honest with yourself that you’re voting for a party not a good person.

5 thoughts on “Reader says , “Not just election year mud slinging”

  1. Call me selfish, but can’t vote for Huggin where he is in agreement with the tax penalty imposed on NJ by the Trump tax law.

  2. can blame Hugin because new jersey has been fiscally irresponsible and beside how many tax increases has Menendez voted for 500??

  3. The voters in our area have been given a choice of two individuals, each of whom is at the bottom of the cesspool. If you look at the number of people damaged by either candidate, Hugin has to be the winner. His cancer drug prices were totally unconscionable and affected many more citizens than Menendez did in his joy-riding, money grubbing existence. This election is going to be a “hold your nose and vote” occasion. Hugin absolutely loves Trump and all of Trumps multitudes of mistakes. Thus Hugin will end up being a vote against anything that would help NJ. Menendez is mainly addicted to serving himself but might not hurt NJ much in his selfish grabs for power and money. Hugin, in contrast, has the power and money already and seems to be a 100% Trump hugger. This vote can’t be just based on your favorite party but on what is best for the US as a whole. But, even if you skip this candidate, GO VOTE for the others. They’ll make a difference in Bergen county.

  4. Hugin is not a Trumster in anyway , more of a never trumper , however with business up over 40% since the tax cut Ill take the Trumpster any day of the week against any jersey dirt bag

  5. If ever there was a time to roll-out the phrase “typical Hudson County politician” it’s now. Menendez is the poster child for that brand of self-dealing, always on the take, to hell with the people I actually represent as long as I can line my pockets corruption. Hugin is a successful businessman, veteran of the military and as upstanding a citizen as NJ has. It’s no wonder the screeching, unhinged left hates him. What’s less clear is why people would even consider voting for the worst case example of the Hudson County machine.

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