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Readers say Paul Aronsohn’s High Density Projects will Destroy Home Values in Ridgewood

photo of the Brogan development

The Brogan project is a disaster for the town. None of these high density projects will benefit anyone except the developers and their attorneys. Westfield is paying attention – it does not want to become Montclair or Hackensack which is where Ridgewood is headed. Where do the developers and their attorneys live?

What has started at Brogan will sweep the whole Ridgewood. In a couple of years it will be a brand new city. Oh, and for those who think new housing does not affect schools just lowered RHS grade to 9 from 10. It had been a 10 for many, many years. I can only imagine what the grade will be in a few years at which time we can all kiss goodbye our house values.

12 thoughts on “Readers say Paul Aronsohn’s High Density Projects will Destroy Home Values in Ridgewood

  1. Election have consequences. Voters thought he was the darling of Rdgewood a few years back

  2. Well BIG AL the Developers Friend had a lot to do with it. Don’t sell him short.

  3. Follow the money….

  4. Seriously considering leaving for this reason.

  5. Do you think the powers to be here about your value of your house are you are your mind. It’s not about you and I. What is it you don’t get it. Time to sell your house move out of town. The villages is not what it used to be. It’s way overrated.

  6. I always see the phrase “follow the money”.
    OK, I’ll bite, show me a map.

  7. Whoever the contractor is that’s removing the old Brogan Cadillac building is doing a great job very clean very quiet no dust.

  8. Ridgewood schools are already busting at the seams. Add the several hundred students who will arrive with the developments and several new schools will need to be built. Remember, the census of how many students live in the apartments was taken only at the high rise at Franklin and Maple. No count was ever taken in any of the garden apartments on Oak and on the other side of the tracks. Why wasn’t it taken in buildings that do accommodate children? One good thing could probably occur. There will be many fewer houses w/graduation and sale signs together. It would be much cheaper to rent one of our new apartments and just leave when their children graduate. That is what many of current apartment dwellers do when their last child graduates now.

  9. When your property and school taxes go up, when the quality of our schools and town go down, remember to thanks ex mayor Arohsno and ex-deputy mayor Pucciarelli for all they did for us.

  10. It’s beginning to look like we can thank the present council too. Aronson’s group started the wrecking of the town but this year’s council is obviously rushing to spend more money and create more destruction and cess pools in which to spend the residents taxes. Just the garage and the Elk’s club, without even adding all the money that is going to be wasted on Schedler could easily qualify as the largest waste of tax money that has ever occurred. Aronson’s expenditures were really only on Habernickle’s Health Barn, the purchase of Schedler and the huge amount that the schools and town departments are going to have to spend on the schools needed, the lack of water, and the huge increase in sanitation, police, etc. costs. Monetarily, the present council could actually cost us more.

  11. @4.25PM. I agree. Same feeling about current council. Never expected them to turn into this disaster. I will probably never vote again. It seems like only dishonest characters compete for public office in this town.

  12. you are not factoring the true costs of Aronsohns high density housing, on water, school infrastructure , congestions and parking

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