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Reader says Questions on Police Hiring are because obvious ignorance as to how the Civil Service hiring process works

2village police swear in

photo by Boyd Loving Village of Ridgewood Mayor Susan Knudsen administered the oath of office to two new Ridgewood PD Patrol Officers Recent Bergen County Police Academy graduates Hector Perez and Miguel Torreslopez

it’s because of your obvious ignorance as to how the Civil Sevice hiring process works. From the NJ Civil Service Commission website:
“After you pass your exam, your name goes on an eligible list ranked by score. When an appointing authority (hiring agency) notifies the Civil Service Commission (CSC) that it wants to fill vacancies, CSC sends them the names that are ranked highest on the eligible list for the title they want to use. This is called a certification list. When your name appears on a certification list, it means that you may be interviewed and considered for appointment.
Also, when your name appears on a certification list, CSC will send you a Notification of Certification. You must contact the appointing authority in writing within 5 business days to express your interest. If you do not respond, your name may be removed from the eligible list.
If a Disabled Veteran or Veteran is the first name on the certification, the appointing authority must hire that candidate unless there is a very good reason not to. If there are no disabled veterans or veterans on a certification, the appointing authority can normally choose from among the top 3 candidates for each position.”
So no, political correctedness has nothing to do with it or you can’t have your mom appoint you if she’s the mayor.
Btw..One of the new officers is a former platoon leader in the Marines with four tours in the Middle East. The other one is an active reservist in the Air Force. And I believe neither one is Mexican.

15 thoughts on “Reader says Questions on Police Hiring are because obvious ignorance as to how the Civil Service hiring process works

  1. The problem is not in the ploce department or the fire department s, the problem is across the board in all of the other departments. They don’t follow some of the service rules, laws, regulations, the management thinks they can do whatever they want.

  2. WRONG 1:14
    You can always pick out the complaints from union slobs in neglected departments…atrocious grammar and terrible spelling.
    Sorry bro were not buying your argument.
    PD, FD, DPW, whatever… your bullshit is done.
    We don’t give a F and we’re all moving.
    Take that to your shop steward.

  3. Omg , what Anger you have. No more coffee for you.

  4. There is no ignorance about the procedures for hiring police and fire. The hateful comments are driven by blind, unreasonable hatred of Mayor Knudsen. This completely unwarranted animosity is driven by two men, who post incessantly one is pissed that a 90′ field did not go in at Schedler. The other has undying devotion to Roberta, and thus will spit constantly at anyone who disliked her.

  5. You can always tell the comments from the bigoted social elites (8:06 pm) who think everybody owes them their labor like a slave.

    8:06 pm sounds like a Wall Street Fat Pig Thief who can get enough of other people’s money.

  6. We don’t need more cops with their platinum health coverage, unpaid leave, and outrageous pensions. Next they’ll want social security checks, too. You pigs are bankrupting the state… sooooooey!

  7. Geez, the requirements are about as clear as you can get to become a police officer In Bergen Cty. The new additions all passed the exams, went through the academy with its rigorous processes and are now duly qualified police officers. What’s the problem?

  8. Self-serving Sue already got her sons on the police force and fire dept, she can retire now

  9. What’s the problem? Why do we need so may cops? This is a white collar town. Paterson needs more cops, so does Newaark and does Trenton. But Ridgewood ? When Valley is leaving? It’s jtst unexplainable

  10. Wow, we need more office Workers in Village hall , we love the union white color group,

  11. I love it, ridgewood is so overrated. There are so many great towns around us, that’s why so many of us are moving out another town when their kids are done with school. And you know what the schools not Like they used to. It’s no big deal. We of money Living in this town I’m out of here.

  12. Two mr 806 , You sound like a real fat ass that is so jealous and I have no life. I’ll take a ride to Atlantic City and gamble using loser.

  13. It’s pretty simple 11:56, the jig is up and every last one of them knows it.
    Watch earnestly as the cockroaches scramble about and line up their sons and daughters and stuff their own pockets at the expense of the taxpayers in union jobs createdcunder their own watch. It’s laughable reading the quotes from the legions of union slobs above.. “Rigorous processes”
    “Slave labor” and “theifs” who can’t get enough of other people’s money.
    Really? Like you Union douchbag aren’t scamming other people’s money?
    Too late. We’re hip and you shovel leaning layabouts are toast.

  14. 10:59 pm you are a 1st class Moron! The jig is up…..what do you think you are a Pirate? You are talking out your ass. You have been saying the same crap for over 8 years on this blog and guess what not a thing has changed like you keep claiming. Which proves you are like an empty barrel, no content but a ton of noise.

    Try getting s life instead of being jealous of what you obviously couldn’t qualify for…..

  15. Ridgewood describes itself as a charming town with all sorts of amenities available. If a house hunter read the Blog to get an idea of what is going on in town they would run as fast as possible to move elsewhere. The absolute filth being expressed appears to be Ridgewood in competition with Trump to use the ugliest comments possible. I’m sure each commentator would not like their mother to read their missives. Can we all pretend that we are adults and no longer need to use the “potty mouth” so beloved by pre-schoolers and slightly above?

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