It’s really not that complicated. Kids were kids.
And evidently a young girl has not heard that sending inappropriate photos of yourself to teenage boys can end up badly.
The one kid who was vilified is hardly the villain he’s proclaimed to be, and the hero is hardly the hero he was touted to be -BY HIS FAMILY MEMBERS!!! And shame shame shame on them for that and for using their long standing Ridgewood connections to try to garner sympathy???? SHAME on them.
Both are wrong. Unfortunately one ended up with a worse injury. That’s terrible. But it happens when children act foolish.
And for the record calling this particular injury a “skull fracture” is a touch of an exaggeration…..
Both need a lesson in how their actions have consequences and both should be (and I hope were) suspended. So should the girl!!!!
Ridgewood High School biggest problem right now is not THIS incident. It’s the rampant out of control obsessiveness of social media and not enough supervision and direction in that building. Period. Where in the hell are our tax dollars going?? No substitute teachers! Instead? Free periods! Open campus, drug sales in the bathrooms, drinking and pot smoking all day everywhere. No repuscussions.
Our damned obscene school budget in this town really out to stop funding silly chrome books which are barely used, half of the problem and totally distracting-and many other foolish initiatives, and get on board with making sure we aren’t raising a group of social media obsessed, desensitized, spoiled mongers.
This situation speaks more about a much bigger problem. This is a fight. Pure and simple.