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Reader says Ridgewood is an Easy Target for Political Scammers

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This town is about as good as it gets when it comes to attracting these chancers and crooks to our political process.

1. It’s wealthy

2. It’s mostly disconnected from the goings-on being that many of the adults work long Wall St hours and the wealthy wives are far too preoccupied with lunches and social activities.

3. It’s a very transient population. People move in so that their kids go through the schools – then move on.

4. The majority are Democrat and have a macro view of Democrat politics, having no clue as to the small town crookery that exists in local politics.

9 thoughts on “Reader says Ridgewood is an Easy Target for Political Scammers

  1. Really?

  2. Yes,. Really! The truth hurts.

  3. Exactly. How could a carpetbagger from park ridge get elected mayor.
    Too many temporary residents that only live here for 10 years then move back to NYC.
    They don’t give a shit about ur the village other than their offspring in schools

  4. Love the pic of Paulie looking pensive.

  5. They carried the westside big time.

  6. We don’t vote for mayor.

  7. This partly how he did it.

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  8. We will never elect anyone supported by Aronsohn or sonenfeld.

  9. Dirty dirty dirty

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