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Reader says Ridgewood Moms Only Drive SUV’s

Yes, and it said they are making spaces for ” compact cars” Who are the kidding!! Ridgewood moms only have big boat Yukon, Suburbans,Danali’s. We are duped again. Another awful move by Ridgewood council. Who will sit on a bench in the center island??

2 thoughts on “Reader says Ridgewood Moms Only Drive SUV’s

  1. Current station approach layout and Parking sections have a huge problem with standing water and snow piles throughout the year..removing more natural Grass and softscape not only
    corrupts the station into another concrete jungle, but also creates less navigational safety buffers for pedestrians and drivers as they attempt to leave the station after backing up into a smaller roadway area as other drivers also walk in roadways to reach their cars during
    dark winters and late fall .totally self inflicted foolish plan for more compact cars that
    little market exits at 1000 plus per year.These people don’t care taxpayers ..they know better how to turn a buck despite user and Taxpapers reasonable objections.

  2. softscape… good one.

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