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Reader says , “Ridgewood Schools Fail to Develop Male Students of High Academic Potential “


“The Ridgewood district has also chronically failed to adequately encourage and adequately develop students who early on demonstrate extremely very high academic potential, but also who have moderate emotional or behavioral challenges and/or ADHD, or who happen to be male. (Oops–was only thinking that last part, didn’t mean to blurt it out. How rude to admit the hard and naked truth of Nothern New Jersey public schools in 2019.)

Also it’s as if an aircraft carrier’s ship anchor is dragging down the math and science curriculum in the Ridgewood district. We could easily put out one and a half times or even twice as many top-flight math students than we do every June. Why don’t we make this a goal? Anti-Asian bias plays a part. And the fact that so many high-income, high-performing individuals who raise their families in Ridgewood are, perversely, proudly math-allergic and want their children to become elite men and women “of letters” like themselves, ready upon graduation from swank private school to take their place on the exclusive career track to upper management, financial sales, or Big Law. For these people, having a large variety of well-designed and rigorous STEM-related classes and sequences available for their children in the local public high school (and tracing back into the middle schools with improved STEM-related course offerings there) is by no means an attractor and would arguably constitute a red flag signaling that they should choose a different town to live in.”

8 thoughts on “Reader says , “Ridgewood Schools Fail to Develop Male Students of High Academic Potential “

  1. easily Sean Penn’s best role…..

  2. Who cares about men?
    They are privledged.
    They are the cause of all evil in the world (especially the white ones).
    They have never done anything useful or have contributed anything of value to the world.
    Girls are better, smarter, stronger…
    That’s what I was taught.

  3. It’s a brazenly cynical ideology. Poison the well for boys and somehow (?) girls will benefit.

  4. Unfortunately, all students are being forced into a single mode. This does not allow for the natural activity level of young boys and many of them are classified as ADHD when the only thing they are doing wrong is being boys. The current educational system now asks questions of girls as well as boys.
    This makes things slightly more equal but it then seems that they are really picking on boys.

  5. I don’t understand.
    What is this “male” thing of which you speak?
    What is “boy”?
    Waht is “girl”?

  6. Has identity politics come to this, where being a boy is now a special needs category? Yes classroom learning seems better suited to the female temperament and the disproportionate success of girls in K-12 proves that out. I was one of those boys who hated school, cut classes, treated it as a joke. I grew out of it. Most do. Let’s not dumb the system down any further to coddle to boys.

  7. don’t you know?
    Masculinity by definition is toxic.
    that’s what I was taught

  8. “Let’s not dumb the system down any further to coddle to boys.” = GASLIGHTING!

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