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Reader says , “Rome is Burning “

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Rome is Burning and we are writing story books about a leantoo shed close to not having any heat nor light , a filthy facility that the NJ Transit should rebuild in brick and
offer some protection from the elements ; that can be cleaned ,then locked at night like a real town.We need to check the water in this’s getting a bit to wobbly intellect
wise. They keep shifting the happy together talk to avoid dealing with the real issues that are hard to address manage and take intelligent approach to.Happy Holidays Ridgewood a town worth fighting for …2019 needs a more realistic plan on cost containment and cancelation of massive Hudson st garage plans in order to cut our longer term losses .

2 thoughts on “Reader says , “Rome is Burning “

  1. Notice to all…I was able to secure a short term storefront lease. My new store will be called Brian’s Discount Violins.

    Sorry, no lessons will be offered.

  2. Speaking about rum burning what is going to happen in another 5 to 10 years in Ridgewood. Is there a five-year plan. Or are we just winging it year to year. The Board of Education is eating up 80% of my taxes and it’s never ever going to go down. What about all the infrastructure that needs to be replaced and repaired that’s our concern.

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