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Reader says Saudinio was a “greedy, bigoted, snobby, self-styled elitist “


For Saudinio, as a prominant Caucasian, to be as comfortable as he is in singling out and speaking down to, quote-unquote, “the blacks”. For Saudino to allow the natural independence afforded by his unique pre-constituional office to lead his tongue publicly to suggest that the new AG’s minority religion and concomitant garb (the turban) are the reasons he was elevated to that office by the new Governor. For Saudino to go further and give himself license to take a cheap shot another’s moral shortcomings (another officeholder’s apparent problems with same-sex attraction). These all mark Saudino as a self-satisfied majoritarian jerk. Saudino has already proudly shown himself to be without any identifiable political principles by switching midstream to the Democrat party, which, as everyone knows, only really cares about one thing–political power. Finally, his attention to self-interest is unsurpassed among state officeholders in New Jersey. NOTHING was going to interrupt the master bed-feathering class Saudino’s been teaching lo these many years.
What a greedy, bigoted, snobby, self-styled elitist this guy is–right at home, one might add, with his new friends. Let it be said without fear of contradiction: “Saudino and the Democrats: Perfect Together.”

5 thoughts on “Reader says Saudinio was a “greedy, bigoted, snobby, self-styled elitist “

  1. The best news is that the man with the “turban” is going to name his replacement and have the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office conduct a full investigation of Saudino’s administration. Something else damning will be uncovered, mark my words.

  2. Don’t forget that John McCann, the Republican candidate opposing Democrat incumbent Josh Gottheimer for the 5th district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, was the longtime legal counsel for Sheriff Saudino. The new NJ Attorney General’s investigation of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office will be custom designed to ruin McCann’s candidacy.

  3. How about all those bomb scares last year at the complex that went uninvestigated.

  4. How about all those bomb scares at the county complex which were not investigated last year

  5. A classic example of union greed at its best in NJ. And everyone of you Ridgewood morons voted for this asshole along with the newest disaster of a limousine liberal running the state.

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