I am fairly well educated and successful. I reflect back on my accomplishment and look forward to future goals. I am confused by what we vote for
I know little about the candiatates to date I do believe that the mayor is a class act and nice and so forth, but she and Sedon are not effective at all.
I can’t water my lawn, drive down the street without hitting a pothole, drive with seeing cars speeding, expenses are out of control, union and school costs are exploding. Parking at the train station is a mess, residents can’t park after 645 and just try to get home when the evening trains come in. Take an issue and solve it please
I am a 25 year resident and see the village failing at many levels. We don’t need nice class acts. We need leaders and folks to address issues and have a impact. If we are voting for nice folks I guess this makes sense. Show me a list of accomplishments show me what you goals are for the village. Show me a future Stop blaming the past.

Editors note : unfortunately the past does not just go away , actions have consequences, and the election of the 3 amigos doomed the Village to years of fixing their mess , you only have your selves to blame