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Reader says Show me a future Stop blaming the past

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

I am fairly well educated and successful. I reflect back on my accomplishment and look forward to future goals. I am confused by what we vote for
I know little about the candiatates to date I do believe that the mayor is a class act and nice and so forth, but she and Sedon are not effective at all.
I can’t water my lawn, drive down the street without hitting a pothole, drive with seeing cars speeding, expenses are out of control, union and school costs are exploding. Parking at the train station is a mess, residents can’t park after 645 and just try to get home when the evening trains come in. Take an issue and solve it please
I am a 25 year resident and see the village failing at many levels. We don’t need nice class acts. We need leaders and folks to address issues and have a impact. If we are voting for nice folks I guess this makes sense. Show me a list of accomplishments show me what you goals are for the village. Show me a future Stop blaming the past.

Editors note : unfortunately the past does not just go away , actions have consequences, and the election of the 3 amigos doomed the Village to years of fixing their mess , you only have your selves to blame

13 thoughts on “Reader says Show me a future Stop blaming the past

  1. Realistically, we voted for a lot of the current council by default to avoid the Amigos puppets.
    We hoped for the best then and it looks like we are doing the same thing again. No real leadership, just trying to avoid making things worse. Yes….it can get a lot worse.

  2. Total trollism. The current council is still performing super-major cleanup after the depredations of the past (and of the future, if Aronsohn & Co. have anything to say about it).

  3. So what another two years of nothing done because of the past. Is thatthe excuse we’re still get. Heck don’t elect anyone, why bother

  4. 8:27 you need to do your homework before you start typing. You apparently have no idea of what exactly the current VC is doing.

  5. Seems like many of us have no idea what the current council is doing. A reality check shows very little progress or leadership on many of the issues facing the village. There are no excuses for lack of progress on water department, fixing village parking lots, doing something about train station, etc.

    Does anyone think that Knudsen or Sedon are commanding leaders in any forum.

    Do nothing, blame others, and get another term. We need to start asking tough questions and demanding answers and actions.

  6. You complain and complain and don’t want to actually hear answers. Go attend a coffee for the mayor and deputy mayor and
    you’ll get an education. You’ll get your questions answered. Stop complaining and get informed. I did and that’s how I know how little reality your comment reflects. Then go to a coffee for Harwin and compare. I’d suggest going to one for Willett too, but can’t seem to find one.

  7. We’re still cleaning up after the past regime. Hard to ignore it or them. Now they want to prop up two unqualified candidates in Ms Willett and Ms Harwin to carry out their thwarted agendas. Assuming the original poster is close to the previous Council majority, please tell them to just go away.

  8. I respect what the original poster says and it resonates with what I feel too but we have no choice. Either vote for non effective and somewhat mediocre leadership of incumbents or vote for Aronsohn or not vote at all. I still choose Knudsen/Sedon out of risk aversion.
    Can someone explain what cleanup from the amigos era is the current VC still doing ?

  9. Ryan- I’m glad to hear where your vote is headed but can I ask you why do so many residents need things explained to them here or fb? Why is it so hard to stay up to date before an election and then ask the involved residents to sum it up in 3 sentences??

  10. 12:27 why assume Ryan hasn’t done his homework? It’s quite possible that he’s searched high a low for accomplishments and continued “clean-up” and found nothing. He’s not alone.

  11. It is so hard to know what the present council is actually doing when all you can get for information is basically nothing. No-one posts a press release telling what they’ve done. The local coverage is horrible. The Blog does try to keep us up to date but it can’t be constantly blowing the horn for the silent council. If 12:27 would care to tell us some places from which we can receive honest information I am sure many of us would be very happy. Thank you.

  12. 5:56, it is hard to believe you are having a hard time finding out what the VC is doing. As a longtime resident, the past two years have been the easiest ever to stay informed. If you need to catch up, you could attend a Knudsen/Sedon coffee. You won’t be disappointed.

  13. All that was suggested is that we start pushing for visible solutions. Answers at a coffee meeting are fine, but results should be easily visible. When real leadership takes the reins they don’t just tell you what they are doing, you can see it. Sorry I don’t see it and I am a long time resident also with no tanglinle reason to put these folks back in and no loyalty to anyone else. I think residents just want people who are effective and stop saying what they were left with. It is why they were elected, just do something

    Show me a water department plan, or parking lot paving plan, or train station, or budget, pothole repair, or speeding crackdown, or tackling the schools, etc

    I do not need coffee meetings. We need leadership and action.

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