There are people in high places of government, of wealth, of influence – that all want to see their power at least maintained and, if possible, increased. A corollary of their goal is to reduce/remove the power of the individual citizen as much as possible. Since the power of the individual cannot be reduced to zero while the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution is in effect, they seek to diminish the effect of that Amendment by any means possible.
Every THINKING person knows that gun laws only penalize law-abiding citizens; criminals do not, by definition, obey laws – they are CRIMINALS. But the passage of more strict gun laws in NJ is not without some intended effects:
1-it further chips away at the 2nd Amendment
2-it makes Murphy look like he’s “taking action” against “gun crime”.
3-it makes older law-abiding gun owners more apt to move out of NJ – which would be wonderful for the Left.
NB – for a high-level view of where the USA is as a country today, look up “The Tytler Cycle of Democracy”.
REMEMBER: it’s not the wand, it’s the magician…

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