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Reader says ,”Slander and libel in politics keep reaching new lows”

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

“Slander and libel in politics keep reaching new lows. The internet may seem like a good smokescreen and sometimes it is, but the perpetrator is often obvious. It’s all pathetic–childish, desperate, and dangerous. What people want to hear from candidates is their background and experience, evidence of their character, their intentions, and their political leanings. Mudslinging against opponents only makes them the best of a bad lot–and that’s if the mudslinging is truthful, which it often is not.”

4 thoughts on “Reader says ,”Slander and libel in politics keep reaching new lows”

  1. James. Why do you keep showing the same photo of the 3 Amigos?????????
    Please don’t remind us all of one of the worse time in Ridgewood history

  2. I just witnessed some work that village is doing on behalf of PSEG by trimming trees by Barnet Place and Mulberry. It is beyond horrible . Trees disconfigured into horrifying shapes. Who leads these crews? Do they know what they are doing? They just seem to go through the motions without any care for the effect these looks will have on the properties located around and the people that will have to look at them on a daily basis. Knucklehead employees and terrible management. This place is becoming less desirable by the day. What a shame.

  3. I saw the same thing. What a crappy work. A beautiful street has turned into an eyesore in a matter of hours by those who are supposed to maintain its beauty. RW is on a free fall. Village management is nonexistent.

  4. Maybe Nancy Bigos should do her job!!!

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