Reader says so the storm came and went ,and now the mess … from leaves mingled into snow plowed piles, storm drains blocked.

if the town doesn’t have the resources to pick up the leaves and clear the streets in a timely manner (before the arrival of winter storms), then perhaps it is time to rethink the trees.

They are large and many (contrary to the town’s belief) are not healthy -infested with carpenter ants, trunks hollowed. Cut the large trees down.

Replace with smaller flowering pear trees (this is a type of tree not one that actually grows pears but instead grows in a pear shape) … and if the town can’t afford this – then allow me as a homeowner to do so to the trees (perhaps grant me a tax break for paying myself to remove your tree and replace it) …

something has to give … new ideas. new thinking. because currently, this is a mess.

oh and super tall PSE&G poles – make me laugh. I saw poles and wires down because of TOWN TREES … not because the wind knocked over the poles. any hoot.

this comment is just meant to get us all thinking outside of the box on how as a town we can manage the leaves


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