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Reader says so the storm came and went ,and now the mess … from leaves mingled into snow plowed piles, storm drains blocked.


Reader says so the storm came and went ,and now the mess … from leaves mingled into snow plowed piles, storm drains blocked.

if the town doesn’t have the resources to pick up the leaves and clear the streets in a timely manner (before the arrival of winter storms), then perhaps it is time to rethink the trees.

They are large and many (contrary to the town’s belief) are not healthy -infested with carpenter ants, trunks hollowed. Cut the large trees down.

Replace with smaller flowering pear trees (this is a type of tree not one that actually grows pears but instead grows in a pear shape) … and if the town can’t afford this – then allow me as a homeowner to do so to the trees (perhaps grant me a tax break for paying myself to remove your tree and replace it) …

something has to give … new ideas. new thinking. because currently, this is a mess.

oh and super tall PSE&G poles – make me laugh. I saw poles and wires down because of TOWN TREES … not because the wind knocked over the poles. any hoot.

this comment is just meant to get us all thinking outside of the box on how as a town we can manage the leaves


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22 thoughts on “Reader says so the storm came and went ,and now the mess … from leaves mingled into snow plowed piles, storm drains blocked.

  1. Another piss poor job by the village. The cutting down of trees is nonsense, the village should rehire somme of the employees who were laid off. They must have the money since taxes just keep going up.

  2. I thought this was the best I’ve seen the streets in years. Hats off to the men and women of Public Works.

  3. check out the town owned tree on the corner of hillcrest and Fairmont by the church. there is a hole as big as a basketball on the side of it. it WILL fall

  4. On Friday before. The storm I contacted the Village Managers Office and indicated that Colonial Road has piles of leaves which creates a hazard. The impending storm would make it worse and that the Village should remove the piles ASAP. I was told that the Street Department would inform me of the pick-up schedule. I was referred to the street department. I spoke with an identified man who indicated that they did not have a pick up schedule and didn’t know when the piles would be removed. Maybe it is time for the Mayor to stop the marquee projects and focus on the basic of local government like picking up leaves and removing snow piles. We cut the budget and the essential services too. Get back to the basics.

  5. The reason they were let go was because of costs.
    The reason taxes went up was because of costs.
    Costs have risen because of the costs of employees and the unsustainable benefits/pensions.


  6. They can’t predict or control the weather. We still had leaves coming down last week

    As much as I love the convenience, raking the leaves to the curb is dangerous without the snow. The leaves make for dangerous conditions on a sunny day. Time to bag the leaves and leave them on the grass strip by the curb?

  7. But the new ramp, which will never be used, at Graydon is going to look great!

  8. When the politics, developments and infighting gets you down, there are moments that suddenly remind you why you want to live in Ridgewood.

    On Saturday afternoon we headed to Citizen’s Park with our 4 and 2 year old. By the time we got there, dozens of kids of all ages were already assembled sledding on every sled you could imagine. Giggles and screams filled the air and no child and or parent could hold back a grin.

    The most beautiful part is that no one organizes sledding. No one sponsors it or makes uniforms. There are no rules, refs or fees. No Council votes or Police overtime.

    That lack of structure meant that parents weren’t coaching or even taking pictures. It was snowing so they couldn’t even just sit on their phones. Instead, parents were talking to each other, sledding along with the kids and helping block the trees.

    And the kids? The kids were just being kids. Laughing and racing. Screaming and daring each other on to new feats up and down the hill.

    For those few hours that the snow lasted, everything else faded into the background. We were all just neighbors and kids enjoying one of the great gifts that Ridgewood offers.

  9. The ramp is required by ADA and has nothing to do with leaf pick up.

  10. #5 I understand now. I was confused before. I thought local government was supposed to provide basic municipal services. What was I thinking?

  11. Anonymous:

    The ramp is required by ADA and has nothing to do with leaf pick up.

    The ramp WAS NOT REQUIRED. There were several options to ensure compliance with ADA requirements, the Mayor wanted a ramp instead of the cheaper alternatives. Get your story straight.

  12. Anonymous:

    The ramp is required by ADA and has nothing to do with leaf pick up.

    Not so. Crestwood Lake in Allendale is ADA compliant and they did it without building an unnecessary ramp.

  13. to # 5 the b o e, the police , the fire depts take all the money. so you need to get a life.

  14. Lets have the DPW workers teach or kids, fight any fires and patrol the streets.

  15. The alternatives to the ramp were not as functional. The floating beach chairs were an insult to the disabled. The town will now do the right thing and build the ramp. Municipal spaces must be accessible.

    And becoming compliant with the ADA has nothing to do with the leaf pick-up schedule.

  16. The thread should be about leaves, not the Canadian Geese poop pool known as Graydon.

  17. I see the Aronsohn apologist are back on line.

  18. Change you can believe in , If you like you plan you can keep it and vote for team Aronsohn.

  19. #16 and the thread should be used by adults or at least people who can communicate like adults.

    Someone made a comment connecting Graydon and the leaves. And shockingly there was a response. This is how discussions work.

  20. Bag ’em!

  21. low in worker staff.

  22. What about the sewer system?

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