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Reader says that Mr. Sedon and Mrs. Knudsen are the only 2 on the Ridgewood Council actually doing their job

Village Council Meeting

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I’m against the single super sized garage and how the Council plans to fund it through the County. However I understand why developers and the Chamber are in favor of it – they stand to profit from it’s construction and/or operation. Much as I disagree with them I at least understand their motives. What I can’t fathom however is that our Council majority seems so set in its ways on THIS design and THIS way of funding it. Why? Do they think that this is really the best solution for Ridgewood? It seems more like they have a bone to pick with their Council mates.

The Council’s job is to say to the developers and the Chamber that yes, we understand you’d like to make more money but this is not the best solution for the Village. It isn’t. What they’ve actually done is side with the developers to use all of their collective authority to ram this plan though as quickly as possible. Again, why? The Council majority is treating the results of a NON BINDING referendum as an electoral mandate when the only question they posed to us in the fall was essentially “do you think we need more parking?”. E-mails I received from the Mayor said that the design was not final (apparently it was) and made no mention of financing the project through the County. Just when I thought my intelligence couldn’t be any more insulted by these 3.

And to those that say that we could bond the garage through the Village if only Mr. Sedon and Mrs. Knudsen would agree with the developers, I’d say that Mr. Sedon and Mrs. Knudsen are the only 2 on the Council actually doing their job. They, like many of us, feel that while we need a parking solution, there are better ways to go about it. And the rush to get this done now in the face of growing doubt and opposition only raises questions about the Council majority’s motives.

12 thoughts on “Reader says that Mr. Sedon and Mrs. Knudsen are the only 2 on the Ridgewood Council actually doing their job

  1. There are a few residents who have been very active in organizing against the garage. They have done research, attended meetings and worked hard to undo the mess that has been set in motion.

    I hope that they run for office. Their tireless work had demonstrated that they are more than capable of replacing Hauck, Puccerilli and Ahronson.

  2. Amen to 7:19. Very proud of our community for standing up against the Empire of Paul, Albert, Gwenn, and Roberta. The people will prevail.

  3. The council majority’s motives are crystal clear. Re election bid in May. Ooooops, will I get threatened by Deputy Mayor Pucciarelli for stating the obvious???

  4. it,s time for all new.start from the top and work down.

  5. 9:26 a.m. I don’t get it. If most residents don’t want a huge garage, funded by BCIA, how is finalizing plans to build it going to help reelection bids of council members who want a huge garage funded by BCIA.

    It seems to me that would ensure those council members who run for reelection would lose the election to those running against the plan to build a huge garage funded by BCIA. No? or any garage funded by BCIA.

    Now before you start screaming at me and accusing me of being a three Amigos groupie, let it be known that I signed the anti BCIA petition that is circulating, I spoke at town meetings and wrote letters against having a huge garage at that location.

  6. 10:44am your question is confusing. Can you please rephrase?

  7. The “reader” seems to think that the council is only “doing their job” if they support his personal opinion of the matter at hand. Do a little research on municipal gov’t and The Faulkner Act before you make such a blanket statement. We live in a republic, not a democracy.

  8. “….only raises questions about the Council majorities motives.”

    People are saying the three amigos are motivated by the coming election. But how can they win the election if most residents don’t want a garage funded by the BCIA?

    How can their motives be the coming election. They, the three Amigos, may really believe that a huge garage funded by the BCIA is best for Ridgewood’s future.

  9. 7;19, actively organizing against THIS garage with BCIA financing, not any garage. Our 4-1 super majority is there to protect us and force compromise, financial clarity and promoting interests of Ridgewood residents first and foremost and bonding with BCIA ensures none of those things.

    Re: your question at 11:48, The majority member who is not running clearly wants to be in the good graces of the county, and the other two would love to push this forward now so it IS a non-issue during the election. People have short memories and many do want A garage…if the bonding happens now it may be viewed as a success and many will forget the shady way it was secured. Also, construction will not yet have started so the reality of the massive, encroachinig structure will not yet be realized…

  10. 11:48 – the three amigos were hoping that their misleading information will be accepted by residents about BCIA. Now the residents know the truth. We will make sure by election day, EVERY resident in the village knows the exact details and understand them.

  11. 11:19 – I actually support a parking garage on Hudson St – just not the behemoth that our Council majority seems so set on. Kudos again to Mr. Sedon and Mrs. Knudsen for insisting that we get things right. You should probably familiarize yourself with how our current Village Hall was built in a flood plain at 3 times the budgeted cost. I suggest you get yourself up to speed on recent Ridgewood history before suggesting that others do any research.

  12. You miss the 3 Amigos when their gone.

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