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Reader says the 25 mph speed limit just a feel-good-knee-jerk panacea implemented by a politically ambitious


To the person claiming 25mph speed limits will reduce accidents and fatalities in Ridgewood by citing statistics from a city of London England traiffic study, please cite REAL statistics from the Village of Ridgewood on a street by street basis from prior to Ridgewood’s implementation of the 25mph speed limit to after its implementation. Show me any increase in safety of Ridgewood residents.
All the other theoretical and statistical studies are largely irrelevant to Ridgewood.
We can also argue the banning all cars is statistically safer, so lets ban all cars.
And while we are on the subject, why is Lincoln Ave not resticted to 25mph in Ridgewood?
Are the children on Lincoln Avenue not as important as other Ridgewood children?
Are the children on Lincoln Avenue smarter then other Ridgewood children and are able to better aviod being stuck by cars?
Or is the 25 mph speed limit just a feel-good-knee-jerk panacea implemented by a politically ambitious disgraced politician looking to get ahead professionally.

8 thoughts on “Reader says the 25 mph speed limit just a feel-good-knee-jerk panacea implemented by a politically ambitious

  1. I would recommend the author of the post to take a walk near Ridge and GW schools between 7:15-8am on any week day. An honest observation will lead to the conclusion that the 25 mph speed limit is generally ignored. North Monroe is a speedway.

    I support a Village wide 25 mph limit because slower is better in tight quarters. I would like to see greater enforcement of such. Claims that state that more accidents happen at 25 mph are more likely wishful thinking than fact. While I don’t have the stats to say its wrong,t logic tells me that higher speeds are more dangerous in tight quarters. With that said, I feel the author only proves my point (that being slower is better) as there is very little compliance with the 25 mph limit anyway.

  2. I support a 25mph speed limit WHERE IT IS WARRANTED.
    I oppose a village wide 25mph speed limit. This is a LAZY feel-good politically safe choice (implemented by a career politician looking to restart his career BTW).
    REASONABLE and varied street by street speed limits should be set based on conditions (pedestrian density, vehicle volume, school zones, etc, etc.), but this would require work and is not politically “sexy”.
    So we are stuck with a feel-good policy that is not followed, not enforeced and ultimately ineffective.
    Village wide 25mph speed limit DOES NOT make the village any safer – look at the statistics – because either it is followed and is diruptive and promotes reckless driving based on frustration and distraction or it is not followed – which by definition make it ineffective..

  3. When driving in Texas several years ago, school zone speed limits were 15MPH and EVERYONE followed this.
    Enforcement of limits within the town needs to happen.

  4. You could bring your concerns to the Citizens Safety Advisory Committee. CSAC. The council liaison is Jeffrey D. Voigt. Oh, never mind. You will get nowhere with that two-faced liar who has ZERO interest in helping the town and is only concerned with getting his name in the paper, coupled with his abiding need to bring down Ramon, Susan, and Mike.

  5. Some roads in town are county roads. The town can make requests regarding the speed limit on county roads, but not unilateral decisions.

  6. What are you kidding me? Voigt is a wonderful guy, the best.

    Said. No. One. Ever.

  7. I just got dumber reading this. Of course slowing down is safer. The kids on Lincoln better be smarter – their parents moved on a double yellow, which everyone knows has higher speed traffic.

  8. RE: “their parents moved on a double yellow, which everyone knows has higher speed traffic.”
    Are you touting personal responsibility… or is it victim blaming?
    Are you saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE to lower the speed limit on a double Yellow line road?
    Are you saying that the kids that DON’T Live on Lincoln are NOT as smart as the Lincoln Ave kisds and need special protection?
    Truth is you did not get dumber “reading this”… you just did not get any smarter.
    Your position that “Of course slowing down is safer. “ is NOT always true. Simple example, slow to 25mph on the NJ Turnpike and you will find out that you are MUCH SAFER, traveling FASTER. Of course, traveling faster is not always safer.
    EACH situation, each road, traffic pattern, pedestrian interaction must be taken into account to ARRIVE AT the SAFEST possible speed limit.
    SLOWER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER (aka 25 does not always save lives)

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