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Reader says The Academies “skim the cream from the Bergen County towns AND get the towns to pay after stealing the students”

“The Academies were set up by an education politico who scammed a way to build a school out of a vo-tech, call it a place for different kinds of learners, skim the cream from the Bergen County towns AND get the towns to pay after stealing the students. Basically, it’s a private school built with public monies. All run by democrat freeloaders who are against charter schools – unless it’s THEIR charter school. Nice scam. “

8 thoughts on “Reader says The Academies “skim the cream from the Bergen County towns AND get the towns to pay after stealing the students”

  1. James, ridgewood schools offer no opportunities to advanced kids. I am glad that the academies exist.

  2. No opportunities? You’re kidding, right? If you don’t like public funded education, you can always send your kids to the private school of your choice. Ridgewood can also start rif-ing some of the dead wood and get teachers who love teaching more than the complainers who have high salaries for 10 month work, premium bennies, and tenure.

  3. If your children require enrichment, do what the sports, arts and music prodigies do. Join clubs and train 11 months a year. Parents pay for enrichment.

    The academies spend too much. They should get no more than what a district pays per student, while we phase them out. The kids that go To academies would do just fine in RPS.

    It is a public school system. Academies should not exist.

  4. “Stealing the students?
    What are you 4?

  5. So we shouldn’t give our children choices? Just ram them through the open public school system with tenured teachers who don’t care about anything but their tenure and platinum benefits? Or allow them to compete for places in schools that are selective? What’s better for the workforce in NJ in the long run? Students that have to compete, or those not pushed in high school or at Rutgers by tenured thugs?

  6. lol. there is no long run in nj. kids take their rhs education to out of state schools and stay out of state. why? look at who runs the village, county and state. the best and the brightest? ha. see you in south carolina.

  7. Stealing, recruiting, same diff. If your kid goes to the academies, you defend them. However, since they only take a limited number per town (and, hand us a bill for the privilege), you’d probably be of the opinion that they should not be funded on the local and county level (aka your taxes).

  8. I agree with the writer who said that towns should not be forced to pay extra for students in the Academies. Paying them what the student would cost you is the only way to manage it. Public schools are not allowed to proceed only to the abilities of a brilliant child, but must keep education at an average level. This, of course does not refer to the honors and AP programs in the high school . The Academies however can keep the level and speed of education at a much more rapid pace. I know that many students could qualify for the Academies who choose not to go. (I know several.) they prefer to continue to be educated in the town schools so as to keep the friends and sports they love.

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