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Reader says , “the charm of the Village is being destroyed”

Ridgewood 3 amigos

The former council members who pushed and got extensive apts and changed master plan to allow for more than 25 units per acre were game changers all right. Same council people paved the way literally for the coming parking garage that will change the character and destroy the charm of the Village forever. There should be statues of the three of them to commemorate their revolutionary achievements. The smaller garage passed by the currant council is not the original accomplishment/ innovation. It is a mere follow-up.

6 thoughts on “Reader says , “the charm of the Village is being destroyed”

  1. What do you mean “being”?
    That horse left the barn years ago.
    And stop with the village thing…
    That left the barn b4 the horse did.

  2. The road asphalt on the main road in town Franklin from drive in starbucks up to train underpass is cratered FOR SIX MONTHS .NO EXCUSES

    county toad or not GET ON IT

  3. The newer people will never believe that it was once possible to have a charming town. One had all types of stores. One could buy reasonably priced clothing and the merchants even notified you if you had a child that needed special skinny sizes when they received a shipment you could use. You could walk into a hardware store with a handful of screws and say “I need more of these.” We had our own butcher shop which had great meats at reasonable prices–and hired Down’s syndrome individuals to keep it clean. We had a news, stationery, business supplies and gift shop where you could buy anything practical you needed. If we didn’t have it in Ridgewood, it probably was not made. Now we have a great selection of restaurants and not much else.

  4. Well soon there will be a huge garage, many many apartments, over crowded schools and entitled businesses in every park

  5. Why is Gwenn licking her chops for rug-man when it was hair-plugs who she was bedding?

  6. The above sender has the question everyone has been thinking. It’s a gross picture but the two tongue sticker outers are not looking at Paul.

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