Hahaha, read the Ridgewood News today that Ms. Sonenfeld says (and I quote)….
“The misinformation currently circulating about the Parkmobile contract is curious at best. No Village money goes to Parkmobile.” So speaks Ms. Roberta Sonenfeld.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the many reasons why Ms. Sonenfeld was poison to our Village. Yes, Roberta, Village money DOES got to Parkmobile. Did you even read the contract you signed in March of 2015? Fifteen cents on each transaction goes to Parkmobile. So does 3% of the total transaction paid by the user (which includes the 35 cent fee the user pays, so Parkmobile collects twice). It has amounted to a TON of money over the past 2+ years.
Shaking my head. She really thinks that by stating outright lies it will somehow make them come true.