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Reader says The new Record layout and reporting sucks

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The new Record layout and reporting sucks. First of all, they have early cut offs so they miss reporting sports events that end at reasonable times. Secondly, they seem to give the bare minimum local coverage now. Finally they or printing in 1 point font so it’s barely readable.

The only reason I continue getting the record and the Ridgewood news is the local reporting otherwise I get everything else on the net.

Questioning renewing unless they get there act together


9 thoughts on “Reader says The new Record layout and reporting sucks

  1. Local Sports coverage in the Record is awful. No articles anymore. Just listed names of All County athletes large so they could fill the page. Very little local election coverage. No news at all anymore. Even the lifestyle stuff is national articles that have no relevance.

    And Ridgewood News is the same thing. Local news has become state-wide interest pieces they can recycle through all their papers. Same fonts and same problems.

    I am giving them 2 months. As of 3/1 if the papers have not improved I have no choice but to cancel both. Honestly the cost is so low that doesnt even really matter. But if there is nothing to reach I cant justify the time and effort to recycle the damn thing anymore.

  2. And both papers are riddled with typos. I mean, come on, an occasional error is one thing, but every day I see several and it is annoying. Isn’t the business of editors to, well, to EDIT?!?

  3. Tbere is no money in it, and therefore it’s staffed by bottom of the barrel types and unpaid interns.

  4. An example of the Record’s crappy editing: I was reading about a football game last weekend. There was no final score in the headline or body of the article, just intermediate scores during a comeback scenario.

    Bush league


  5. On business trips when USA Today was left at my hotel room door I just stepped over it as I went out in the morning. Same here.

  6. The Record has little news; just filler articles. News two-three days old. Better to read Twitter

  7. Absolute garbage at this point. As bad as a handout. It appears Gannett, and the shameful people they’ve installed to run the operation, couldn’t care less about the embarrassing product. Their interest is clearly not in publishing a newspaper (“Screw you, longtime subscribers and readers”). Perhaps their mission is to be vital online. HA! As if they have the skill or smarts to do that.

    Ad content has visibly decreased as well (who would want their business associated with this crappy excuse for a newspaper, anyhow?). No doubt eyeballs are plummeting.

    It’s a slap in the face to those of us who counted on The Record for so many years to bring us localized journalism. Looks like the NY Times exclusively in our household from now on.

    Despicable corporate stooges strike again. Hope they get what they have coming to them. Karma can be a bitch.

  8. I sent two emails to the President of the Record. The second one did not get a response because I still continued to complain about the change in size (scaling down). Sure, Gannet wants profit, nothing else. Complaints don’t matter. Hold the paper up to your nose to read the comics and do the crosswords. News reporting sucks. Price goes up. It isn’t worth fifty cents. He is delusional thinking that the readers and subscribers are going to follow along and accept this. Kind of counting chickens before they hatch. He is going to be surprised when people, including me, don’t buy it any more. Like someone else said, Karma will be a Bitch!

  9. I finally canceled my Record subscription after 30 years. The content has deteriorated. There is little relevant local news. The classified section is pretty much empty. This paper that I once looked forward to reading daily isn’t worth lining my cats litter box.

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