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Reader says , “The problem is that we have too many short term residents”

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The problem is that we have too many short term residents. People are able to get elected because they have friends and contacts they make due to their young children in school . Where else could a short term resident like aronson or zuzsy get elected?
Many towns with a more stable population (instead of NYC people who live here for a 10 year term) would never elect some new resident to an important position. I am surprised that a long term resident such as hauck would go along with the apartment deals, but I guess she was close enough to aronson that he could literally whisper in her ear to convince her to go along with making this “east Montclair ”
I can tell you that as a life long resident who has the best interests of the village at heart, I would never get elected because the new residents are a larger voting block. Hence the decline of what we expect for the character of our village.
And if elected I doubt I could sit up there and put up with the general public or nasty anonymous online comments.
A real solution with be for all property taxes to reflect the purchase price of the home . This is done in florida. It protects the long time residents From tax increases that benefit the new people who push their agenda. Let them pay for their own schools and parking garages

2 thoughts on “Reader says , “The problem is that we have too many short term residents”

  1. Totally agree with the concept of having real estate tax be based on when you buy. We are running into the problem of having people leave as soon as their children are out of the schools. Folks who don’t use the schools or much of the town’s resources should not be induced to leave by ever increasing taxes.
    And, let’s face it, the prior and current administration are totally screwing us with these apartments. They keep struming their old fiddles as the developers sap the town’s resources for their personal benefit.

  2. The ONLY way to keep property taxes from rising exponentially is to encourage long time residents with no children in the schools to stay put. We do not ask for anything other than basic services such as police, fire, and plowing the snow and picking up leaves. Many of us spend time at our summer or winter homes, in order to meet the 181 day requirement to be a resident of a more tax friendly state so we don’t even vote here . Of the 14 homes on my block, only 6 have school age children. If you chase the other 8 homeowners out with higher taxes, chances are about 100% that the purchasers of these homes will have children, so add 12-15 students to the roster. Due to cheap interest rates the homes are more affordable to more buyers who struggle with a big mortgage for 10 years while their kids are in school, then bail out as soon as they graduate . I grew up here and historically empty nesters would stay since it is a nice place to live. The trend of turnover has been accelerated by these people who are “marginal” by financial qualifications who need to bail out and go back to cheaper living such as a small condo in mahwah or renting in NYC.
    The old timers ask for very little. Do us a favor and keep the charm of the village. Keep your dumb lawn signs off the property , rake your leaves so they don’t blow in my yard ,fix the peeling paint on your house, and keep your rubbish barrels in the back yard.
    Or chase us out and your kids will be on split sessions unless you want a huge tax increase to expand the schools.

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