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Reader says , “The restoration of a house (maybe not even historical) which is a piece of junk is not merely a joke, it’s a crying shame”

Schedler Property in Ridgewood

The restoration of a house (maybe not even historical) which is a piece of junk is not merely a joke, it’s a crying shame. Have the voters in Ridgewood been offered any place to express their desire not to have this forced down their throat? It could even have been on yesterdays ballot but that might have revealed that barely anyone in Ridgewood wants this. Where is the proposed funding grant? Still lost in someone’s mind? What are we going to use it for? It’s not in “a desirable location” according to realtors about the surrounding development. West Saddle River Road is such a narrow street that it cannot be striped into 2 halves. Cars ARE going to park on the street. That will immobilize all traffic going there. How did this get authorized without the village having a say in the useless expenditure of even more money and lack of thoughtful preparation?

6 thoughts on “Reader says , “The restoration of a house (maybe not even historical) which is a piece of junk is not merely a joke, it’s a crying shame”

  1. Who wrote this? It must be the same few people that have misquoted figures for the restoration time and again! There is a saying “you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts” The cost has been quoted from the Council time and time and time again and the County has publicly listed its grants to the town.
    Maybe the author doesn’t care that across 17 is an area of thousands of taxpaying Ridgewood residents who have been marginalized. First they were cut off by the “improvements” on Route 17, which took away their ability to cross directly to Ridgewood; second their school was taken away; and third the only large parcel of land, 7 acres, was to be a 90 foot baseball field and a historic house torn down. Finally they gathered together and showed the town that they deserved better. They deserved a park; they agreed to a small playing field; they deserved a meeting place which will be the house; and someday maybe they will actually get their school back. The house which the author maligns is listed on the NJ Register of Historic Houses. The author and others keep coming to the mic at public meetings and ask for “proof”, which they have received time and again. Is one taxpayer more equal than others? Is his/her tax money more important than that of a resident of the East Side? Why doesn’t the author and his compatriots who seem to criticize everything, take his/her ire somewhere else? With all that is going on in this world, guns, nationalism, bombs, fires, why keep criticizing the restoration of one house. And I will sign my name, unlike the author.

  2. Could this post be Rurik’s post? It sounds like things he is saying at Council meetings. When the world is on fire figuratively and literally and locally we have increased home break ins and parking issues with often over the top solutions, Schedler has really worked out with multiple matching grants and a long term plan for development of the property which will not break us financially. The house is an historic site and WILL be used for everyone’s benefit. Take a look at the Stable. You can’t imagine the hyperbole around that issue and the Community Center as well.

  3. Thank you, Ellie! You said it all and as usual you have the facts and you posted tour name! You are truly about your community at all levels. Hard to understand the negativity surrounding Schedler.

  4. Sad Ridgewood residents are being saddled with yet another “enrich Sue Knudsen at Village taxpayer expense” scam

  5. I have one question for all of those who swear that the Schedler house be saved, that it has some use (?) and the area is great for a field. Have you ever been over here to see it for yourself? To see the speed that cars exiting the highway reach as they come around the bend where Schedler’s driveways will be? To try to pass just one lawn truck and imagine cars on both sides of the road? To put themselves where home plate would be and have a friend stand at the pitchers mound and the bases while yelling “I got it” or something similar? Have you stood near the highway where the third base will be and see if you can hear, and that you’re inhaling something other than clean air but rather throat clutching pollution? If you have done this and still swear the projected use is feasible, then you will have at least seen for yourself what it is really like over here. You will have judged for yourself what your child or children will be potentially exposed to in this location. Most of you are going on mere hearsay instead of personal observation. Come try it with an unbiased mind. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to be there when 17 is at a near stand still and the pollution is at its heaviest. I can’t hear a neighbor from across the street–and we’re behind the sound barriers. The field will only have a flimsy earth barrier created by dumping all the dirt from the downtown construction, which may itself be polluted. Don’t listen to the others and find out the facts yourself. Then if you still feel that this is a perfectly safe, healthy and hearable place for your child to be, speak up. Just please quit shouting how great it will be until most of you have witnessed it for yourself.

  6. Save scheduler knock down that horrible house at habernickel that Is a mess and they threw a business in there that brings in tons of school busses a day all for a private business to make money off our villages parks. That’s a shame !!

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