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Reader says The School budget is always over puffed and they know it–that’s why they chose to eliminate the vote


If it’s true that the council is too ignorant about the school budget to know how to reduce it if it is voted down in the future, they should make an effort to learn about it in advance. They could have a private meeting at which those who are knowledgeable about the budget can educate them. This would be important anyway because the budget probably isn’t finalized until shortly before the April elections (not sure). There is no reason for them to have to thrash through it blindly. The last time the budget was defeated the council was indeed over its head and barely removed anything. That was an important lesson for all subsequent councils. They already have plenty to do but since this is now on their plate, it’s a new thing to learn, long in advance. The only negative part about reverting to April (as has been noted on this blog by others) is that the BOE and Supt. will BOMBARD AND BLAST all parents and residents with entreaties to vote yes, more than they used to do before the age of social media. Nevertheless, we must resist. The budget is always overpuffed and they know it–that’s why they chose to eliminate the vote and popped a spring trying to prevent it from going back. Too bad. The budget is bizarre for a town of this size and driving people away. Just no, school board. Figure it out.

6 thoughts on “Reader says The School budget is always over puffed and they know it–that’s why they chose to eliminate the vote

  1. Can you say Downward Spiral?

  2. The Ridgewood Pro-District Party (RPDP) will now arise from a multi-year slumber to resume exerting its annual influence on April budget voting. And a core group of, so to speak, “Never District” voters will reliably vote to reject the BOE’s proposed budget in an attempt to put it in the Village Council’s lap every single year. The annual public debate will now recommence in earnest. Let’s hope the BOE trustees take the result of this vote seriously (breath-holding not advised, of course).

  3. the BOE will be plotting revenge on the VC and the Taxpayers who supported the election move , ask the Math Moms

  4. How about an edict that they need the budget next yesr to be 10% less? Start working now and get a team together to look at where all the money goes and where’s the pork that can be trimmed.
    IT’s TIME!!!

  5. The problem is that 95 percent of the budget is stuff that can’t be touched and so when the budget gets rejected or cut the only things that get cut are the things we don’t want cut. The stuff that should be cut is always untouchable. It is a no win.

  6. Hope all you residents that think you can do a better job volunteer to be on an oversight committee. Oh that would mean putting actions behind our voice. Nope not gonna happen in this town. Residents are all talk

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