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Reader says ,”There will be no more “rich” to tax once all the rich have left”

Ridgewood NJ, news reports indicate that Phil Simms and Jon Bon Jovi are selling their high-priced, high-taxed New Jersey homes, possibly at deep-discounts.

a reader states the obvious ,”There will be no more “rich” to tax once all the rich have left. The “rich” can take the hit on their mansions in NJ and CT and make the difference up very quickly by moving to FL and paying a fraction of the taxes there. The dems and progs just don’t get this very simple concept.”

8 thoughts on “Reader says ,”There will be no more “rich” to tax once all the rich have left”

  1. VOR Management

    the kids are the anchors . DUH..

    when the kids grow up quickly /the anchors are gone .
    High taxes and few write offs are death to the growth
    of any town or region .

    when you escalate the Taxes
    people decide to vote with their moving vans ..

    realtors love the churn until the music stops..then they
    move on to another market to exploit.Their Job is the churn.

    VOR no real effort to rein in spending parking lots redo-overs ..Garazilla for Fish and stores like Gap are folding their tents ..Game over MIS-managers

  2. The only ones that I making money on their houses is the one who bought their house 20 years ago that’s about it the flipping is over. Unless you get the home very very cheap.

  3. Managers? Two real estate agent politician wannabes, an out of work writer and a housewife photographer. Oh and a lawyer.

    Only thing those five can run is their mouths.

    We get the government we deserve when that’s who runs and gets elected.

  4. Ridgewood is a microcosm of what happens when you let socialist leaning democrats get in charge and run things…

  5. What makes you think Mr. Voigt is a lawyer?

  6. Bought house 48 years ago for $40K, which was $5K more than we’d planned to pay. Took out a 30-year mortgage. Ah, the olden days.

  7. And let’s not forget the council letting a business in Habernickel park that uses town resources that we tax payers pay for and use of 11 acres for a meer $3800.00 a month. Less than a small home in ridgewood Waste of resources and income. They could charge an whole lot more and do a whole lot less. Dumbies

  8. Healthbarn is a gift to the owner from past council. Biggest rip off to the town. Patks and rec could be doing this on their own and collecting the big bucks!

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