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Reader says there will be two “student led” Protests on March 14th

Ridgewood Police RHS

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We are aware that many RHS students will be participating in the student-led national walkout on the one-month anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. On March 14 at 10:00 A.M., students will assemble on the front lawn of the high school to participate in speeches, songs, and a moment of silence. After 17 minutes, they will return to the building to resume class. The event is organized by Students Demand Action, a newly formed club at RHS. The students will pay tribute to the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and express their desire for safer schools.
Simultaneously, another newly formed student-led group will assemble in the Campus Center to advocate for safer schools and Second Amendment rights.
If a student does not wish to participate in these assemblies, he or she may remain in class with the teacher or, if on a free period, in the building with designated faculty members.

11 thoughts on “Reader says there will be two “student led” Protests on March 14th

  1. Most of the students don’t even know about the second Assembly. If they don’t plan to go out on the front lawn, they are being shamed by the thought police as being heartless.

  2. Perhaps the pro-2nd Amendment group should immediately adjourn from their location inside the school, march directly to the front lawn, and loudly and derisively protest the gun-control zealots’ phony, parent-inspired school-district-endorsed Seventeen Minutes Hate.

  3. This was originally supposed to be a non partisan tribute to the victims and their families. How did this become a Gun Control/Women’s March movement?

  4. Chad, the RHS students I’ve spoken to are fully aware of the counter-protest assembly.

  5. Blame the parents Glory.

  6. People this is Freedom of speech.

  7. 12:10 Next time your at work tell your boss that you are going on a walk out and protest because you have “Freedom of speech”
    Let me know how that work out for you. Young people should do this after school.

  8. 12:10 you guys going to burn the american flag at you rally?

  9. overall what is this accomplishing?

  10. What is this accomplishing, 2:50pm? Carving out a special exception from school rules for the Students Demand Action club, its current and future campus activities, and its radical George Soros-aligned Special Snowflake/Social Justice Warrior/Black Lives Matter/Antifa/Trump Hating/Blame America First political agenda.

  11. Regrettably, even the RHS Second Amendment club is being coopted by Principal Gorman in deciding to hold a simultaneous walkout and protest, as if to demonstrate a kind of political balance within the school. They think they are countering the gun control protestors. But, by walking out of class along with them, the Second Amendment supporters are effectively ratifying the idea that students are at liberty to leave the classroom if they feel sufficiently strongly about a political cause. Of course, this is a lie. It is a flawed premise adhered to by left wing radicals everywhere. The Ridgewood Public School District is not oppressing its students as the Los Angeles Unified School District was mistrating Hispanic and Latino students in the months and years leading up to the 1968 student walkout that happened there. Students in Ridgewood are therefore not justified in defying legitimately constituted authority in the form of their teachers and principals. And the latter is not justified in accepting this behavior with a wink and a nod.

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