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Reader says , “They don’t care it’s not their money”

” Everyone knew that’s a flood zone. It’s all bullshit. They don’t care it’s not their money. They going to do what they want to do end of the story. Just keep on spending money. People wake up and see how many homes are for sale again this year holy shit. Talk about a revolving door. No one is going to retire in Ridgewood anymore why would you. Family is moving to town to use the school system and they get out. And really at the end of the day it’s still overrated. There are many great talents in school systems around us. Ridgewood is not the best anymore. Period. “

4 thoughts on “Reader says , “They don’t care it’s not their money”

  1. Get your self elected and do it yourself…..Oh wait you know you could never get elected so you just keep making stupid comments here. Do us all a favor …….MOVE ASSHOLE!

  2. Hey moron, the Fire Department didn’t make that decision, the then Village Council did. Apparently your ignorant of the facts. Done like Career Firefighters? Too bad they are her and they are herer to stay. Better get use to it.

  3. There he is, the guy who couldn’t get on our fire department because he couldn’t meet the mandatory requirements for a career firefighter. So now he’s here bashing the fire department. How sad, it certainly appears the fire department did the right thing by not hiring this guy.

  4. Thank God We are RICH and STUPID…

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