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Reader says this Council instead on focusing on running this town engage in petty bickering, retaliation and furthering their own personal agendas


Reader says this Council instead on focusing on running this town engage in petty bickering, retaliation and furthering their own personal agendas

Yes the departments are all understaffed and our taxes are still obscenely high. You are correct about our current Council – they are all pushing their own pet projects without at all acknowledging that at some point taxes alone will crush the value of our homes. Who will ever buy your house if the taxes are $40,000 a year?

Mrs. Hauck wants to double the size of Valley but clearly has not considered the impact of a facility that size on the town’s neighborhoods and infrastructure. Valley pays no taxes yet their drain on Village resources will also double with this project. You think departments are understaffed now?

And how about Mr. Pucciarelli and building up the CBD? Has anyone done any math on the impact on our tax base? I’ll tell you right now they would be shouting it at every meeting if ONE PERSON thought that building apartments in town would make our taxes go down. Instead they choose to tell us that traffic will improve and only 4 new kids will enter the school system.

I’m shocked at how out to lunch this Council is in the face of such a crisis. Look at this weekend alone – Super Bowl parties at the bank and a big skating party at Graydon. Then on to having lunch with the elderly, and banning smoking outside. Maybe they should Google Stockton, CA for a glimpse into our future when they have a minute.

Oh yea, and don’t forget to put your garbage out on the curb tonight….

13 thoughts on “Reader says this Council instead on focusing on running this town engage in petty bickering, retaliation and furthering their own personal agendas

  1. The Ridgewood Council to the Ridgewood residents ” LET THEM EAT CAKE”

  2. They are too busy trying town look “perfect” and spending thousands on retaliation if you dare to disagree with them. People have got to stand up to them. I read on one post don’t talk to someone in town, they will get you. That is insane. Are we really going to tolerator this? You are right, our taxes are out of control and they engage in retaliation when they should be doing their jobs.

  3. It really is disappointing to see the trio fiddling while Rome burns. Are the three of them just unfit for the job, or is it true they have personal agendas they want to satisfy at all and any cost to their neighbors and friends?

  4. bickering? Surely not. Our mayor is all about civility. He is never ever nasty or inappropriate. He is perfect. Just ask him.

  5. #4 so true! Picture perfect!

  6. In our Mayors own words.
    “We’re turning a page and we’re starting a new chapter in the life of Ridgewood,” said Aronsohn, who was first elected to the council in 2008. “More than anything, this election, this reorganization, this moment, is an opportunity to now step forward, to think anew, to try new things, to try new approaches, to bring new voices, new action, new energy, [and] new ideas to the table.”

  7. In the Mayor’s own words ‘I bring common sense, I bring energy, I bring a recognition, and a real appreciation for what public service is,” Aronsohn, a public relations executive for a pharmaceutical company, said. “We work for the taxpayers of this town, we work for the residents of Ridgewood and we need to be responsible. When it comes to the notion of public service, I get it, I believe it and I believe my actions prove it.”

  8. Deputy Mayors own words
    “I think there is the need for people in government to be trusted for who they are, people who have integrity,”

  9. Councilwomen Hauck’s own words.
    “I want to restore the healthy dialogue we used to have in the village. It is all about communication. There needs to be a comfort level that welcomes varying opinions about what Ridgewood needs,” she said. “Of course there are some issues we will face that are almost impossible to agree on but everyone should know that they don’t have to be afraid to have their own opinion. That is one of the things I bring to the table. I will foster a more open dialogue; I believe morale has suffered because of the bitterness surrounding debates in Ridgewood.”


  11. Yeah, believe it when I see it!

  12. If you got Mr. Arohnson’s robo call yesterday he stated that he was making sure the roads around Valley were getting plenty of salt. What about the rest of the taxpayers??

  13. The best is Valley hospital doesn’t pay taxes.

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