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Reader says this is an attempt to make Ridgewood Elections more Partisan

“This year, the election occurred during school vacation, in spite of efforts for mail in ballots, you cannot expect high turnout.
We need to vote on school budget; much more transparency, more hearings, more public scrutiny.and more important, we need to vote on candidates. Ever since the vote was moved from April to Nov years ago, not one contested election. Is that voter participation? Lets see how it goes next year, when there will be an actual choice of members of the Bd of Ed.

This is an attempt to bring Council election as well, and put it into a partisan ballot; Ridgewood is non partisan, we don’t label Dem/Rep/Independent. All Nov elections label party affiliation, and only the most careful voter will go to the bottom of the ballot during a party election and notice the candidates (if there were any) for Bd of Ed or budget.

Lets not be blinded by special interests; this is how we got to where we are with gridlock and a packed planning board due to efforts of a previous council and manager. They are poised to come back and wreak more havoc. Civility? no way in those years. Nastiness reigned and finally we are coming back to becoming a community; lets keep it this way. Haven’t the voters spoken out twice: once to reject the larger garage, and once to re-elect current council members.”

One thought on “Reader says this is an attempt to make Ridgewood Elections more Partisan

  1. yep, keep the elections separate.

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