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Reader says time for Cory Booker to Go


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When is Cory Booker going to be taken down? He wants to be known as the former Mayor of Newark, but he really is from the silver spoon community of Harrington Park. He claims to have lived on Hawthorne Avenue in Newark during his tenure in office, but I would be he couldn’t find it on a map. Much less have the intestinal fortitude to get out of the chauffeur driven limousine to enter the home on a regular basis. Pay interns? Surely you gest. Chuck Schumer doesn’t let any cash flow from his nicotine stained fingers.

7 thoughts on “Reader says time for Cory Booker to Go

  1. He’s not going anywhere…not even a scandal could displace him…he will be POTUS in 4 years.

  2. lol well we knows how to use twitter

  3. LOL. Corey Booker is going nowhere.
    The senior senator has been under indictment and is facing a trial next month. Crickets from the media.
    The junior senator is a showboat do nothing, but he’s a darling to the media.

  4. Booker for president? Yeah ok

  5. The Empty Suit would fall to other, more talented Dems in the Presidential race. Only NJ is stupid enough to elect him into office.

  6. LOL yes James, remembering Lonegan ripping into him, calling him “Twitter Senator”, of course unlike Trump, Booker used Twitter to fib, puff himself up on the cheap, and signal his epic liberal virtues….

  7. I grew up in HP….very few McMansions so the ‘Silver Spoon’ designation would not be accurate…

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