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Reader says To all of you who think we should move on….you are dead wrong

Alexandra Harwin

To all of you who think we should move on….you are dead wrong. We learn from the past. Harwin was heavily funded by her own grand fortune and the money of many out-of-towners. And even if Hauck, Pucciarelli, and Aronsohn’s names are not on the donor list, they were outspoken advocates for her. She was nasty, beyond nasty, racist, divisive. She sanctioned that horrific mailing from Hans Lehmann. She was a disaster. We must never forget that she tried so hard and spent so much. Thrilled that she lost, but still, she did get a bunch of votes.

5 thoughts on “Reader says To all of you who think we should move on….you are dead wrong

  1. Don’t be so angry. Election is over, move on.
    Hans Lehmann LOST her votes, which is the way those things work.
    We also learned a lot about him during the election.
    The candidates BIG mistake was the bear hug from Loretta.

  2. This is a picture of the ONLY time Harwin attended a council meeting. And at that, she left early to meet Aronsohn at a gun-control meeting. Her interest in what was actually going on in Ridgewood was nonexistent.

  3. Ok, we get it. She was bad, terrible and we punished her by vote. Now she has no effect in town business whatsoever. Other people are, those who we voted for are in charge and are accelerating the deterioration of this place. What’s the point of continuing talking about Harwin any longer? Our realtor in chief is a strong Aronsohn competitor. Village is a big dumpster at the moment and will continue to be for years. It is horrible that we go from bad to worse with our elected officials. This VC is on par with Aronsohn & Co when it comes to ignoring and dismissing residents.

  4. 12:36…. agree

  5. There should be a law stating that you cannot run for council unless you have lived here and paid property taxes for at least 20 years.

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