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Reader says Village Council Plans Legal Action Against Attempt to Move School Budget Vote


Thank goodness the Council appears to be planning legal action to block any attempt by the bozos at the BOE to move the school board election back to November.

7 thoughts on “Reader says Village Council Plans Legal Action Against Attempt to Move School Budget Vote

  1. Wasting more taxpayer dollars in an area they should stay away from. Would they feel the same way if residents could vote on the village budget. They would hate it if someone got into their dirty laundry

  2. What dirty laundry?

  3. People, don’t you understand. We cannot, by New Jersey State Law, vote on proposed municipal budgets. If we could, we sure as hell would. But we can, by law, vote on proposed Board of Education budgets. And we sure as hell should.

  4. So Walsh was a mamby pamby and declined to vote, because she still has a kid in the schools. And Voigt was his usual asshole self and voted no, because he will vote against Susan, Ramon, and Mike on anything. But the sane leaders, the ones who are actual leaders on the council, voted to let the citizens have a legal say.

  5. Thank you Village Council for doing the right thing when the damn Board of Education does the wrong thing. Much appreciated.

  6. Walsh hasn’t had a kid in the schools for years. Her kids go to private school.

  7. wish The council would take an interested in the wasted venture at habernickel and realize it is costing tax payers $ while it is taking revenue away from the parks and rec department . They have the capability to run all the same programs at the stable and get 100% profit. Out of sight out of mind. This is a disaster

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