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Reader says We actually need an emergency cost reduction plan for the next 18 to 24 months

We actually need an emergency cost reduction plan for the next 18 to 24 months.lets start with suspension of all but
the most serious Utility work where police idle in front of
minor utility work on side streets for no justifiable reason ,
when PSEG can be tasked on 90days notice to provide
OWN employee flag workers OR SUBS to protect the work site.
For major wire or street closure or main Avenue Gas projects then let’s
focus the town police use where needed for those major
risks along with PSEG flaggers.
People we have to begin to get our house In order.
TOWN SPENDING IS OUT OF CONTROL.Day of reckoning ahead. People selling and moving out all around us…

6 thoughts on “Reader says We actually need an emergency cost reduction plan for the next 18 to 24 months

  1. What we really need is an 18 – 24 education plan on what is the real reason for out-of-control property tax increases. It’s not police cars on utility work sites. That is paid for by the utility (yes I know it eventually is paid by the ratepayers) but it does not increase your taxes, and is not used in pension calculations. Erroneous information takes attention away from the real causes of high property taxes.
    Lets talk about low co-pays for medical coverage, bloated BOE administration, and all of the red lawn signs that really say “spend more money.”

    I hear it’s been tough selling high price homes in Ridgewood. Maybe be the buyers are noticing how high the property taxes are. Not to worry, I hear Josh and Murphy have a real plan to reduce taxes.

  2. Police cars idling all day with an officer on duty to protect
    PSEG workers cost money..those police cars are assets
    needing Capital outlays, servicing and frankly more police
    staff that week for real police work,

    The PSEG per diem to town does not cover bloated costs and longer term pension and healthcare costs for more
    police officers standing around texting next to a 6 x 8 utility
    site to change a simple gas line.

  3. It’s an unstoppable process. It can’t be STOPPED because it’s a continuous system of rising politicians who pay their dues on the way up and then get their rewards when they are actually up. They are supported by foolish voters who fall for the messages of such things as gay rights, women’s rights, better schools, diversity, legalize drugs, etc., etc. These things are just clever branding that allow the process to continue.

    It is nothing short of a system of corruption.

  4. What are you people talking about?
    Its OK.
    We’re Rich and Stupid.
    It’s all good.
    Do it fer da kidz
    The garage will make money.
    Gotta go.
    I’m late for my Wine and Spin class….

  5. Time to start busting unions

  6. As a long time resident of Ridgewood my observation is that we are sinking fast and no one is working to save things. The value of my house since 2005 has gone down and overall high end values have been reduced 10-30%. Real numbers we paid 2.5m in 2005 rebuilt the entire house for an added cost of almost 1m and recently appraised at 1.7m and can’t sell it. This when taxes have gone from 27k to over 40k. The schools have eroded, the village is is shabby shape in many places, the commute to NYC assuming a village resident can get a parking spot after 6:45am is awful requiring a dreaded switch (no direct trains).

    Really a shame and a study in how weak and inexperienced leadership can really drive down a community. We keep electing lightweights to village, school, and other positions and expect change.

    Look for my house. Is is one of many with a for sale sign out front. Real sad but really time to go

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