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Reader says we are led by people that don’t know that eventually you run out of other people’s money

This is a great example of why this state is failing. The Federal government increases the pain we all feel by changing the property tax deduction which lowers our property values and the state increases the taxes on the decreasing value of our property. This in turn makes staying in NJ less viable, which again, lowers our property values. Instead of realizing that we need real structural changes in the state to bring the fiscal house in order, we are led by people that don’t know that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

6 thoughts on “Reader says we are led by people that don’t know that eventually you run out of other people’s money

  1. Oh, they know this. It’s a bit more sinister than that. It’s a case of the people who elect them don’t understand this very basic economic principle. It’s a major feature of leftist propaganda. What we’ve seen in recent times is this myth starting to run a little thin, so they add additional strength to it by demonizing the rich and corporations for “paying their fair share”.

  2. So very true big corporations extremely rich people run this country. In the end I will get money to your fund to your political party what are you gonna do for me. That’s why they don’t like trump. Because he’s wealthy. He knows the other side of the game is so dirty, any and it’s all about money.

  3. The phrase “pay their fair share” is deceiving. We have graduated tax rates in New Jersey. The “rich” already pay about triple the rate the rest of us pay. In what delusional world is triple the rate still not enough?

  4. “Fair share” and “rich” are cleverley-used words in the left’s political propaganda. They are deliberately vague, so as to leave it to the end-user how to interpret them. “Rich” becomes, well, anyone who has more than me. “Fair share” is simply whatever the end user thinks it should be.

    There are, of course, special exceptions given to any rich person who supports the left, such as the Clinton, many celebrities, and even billionaire business tycoons.

  5. Union pigs, oink oink

  6. I have to agree with all of the above comments. However, I have a question. Yes, the majority of us voted for the present Council members. But no one decent decided to run! We are not offered much choice between council members who do dirty deeds pretending they “don’t know about” “have never heard a complaint”, etc.etc. and Council members who dirty deeds in full view of the public because they don’t care what the public thinks. The only change that can be made is new council members. But if anyone who actually is able to think and financially plan for the betterment of the town doesn’t care to run, we are left with the garbage we have had for the last few council turnovers. Can anyone come up with a solution? Decent, talented people won’t run because of the violent nastiness that is piled onto council members. When we voted, we voted for the better of two evils. We were unaware that they were all “foxes in sheep’s clothing” and would turn out even more horrendous and wasteful ideas because THEY CAN.

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