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Reader says , “We have reached the pinacle of decades of mismanagement regime after regime”


We have reached the pinacle of decades of mismanagement regime after regime.
Look behind the curtain..developers and other political
hacks have been driving the bus as far as Misprioritization
of the common Taxpapers needs vs the money people who see ridgewood as the new Englewood or Montclair with fields of condos and associated costs related to any fantasy transit village conversion, so that the realtors and developers can pick the towns assets clean down to the bone .Leaving the massive debt servicing to the home owner families with mortgages and kids in local Schools for years ahead
Realtors love the churn..developers love the chaos ..
Parking debt public obligation will be unsustainable ..but by then the developers will have sold to the REITS and moved on with
our futures in their greedy pockets ..Interest rate and taxation rising rates add more fuel to the fire pave cottage place parking lot…have you no shame VC .?

6 thoughts on “Reader says , “We have reached the pinacle of decades of mismanagement regime after regime”

  1. Here! Here!
    Post captures exactly what’s going on. Village needs to wake up before its too late, if it isn’t already. When real estate interests govern the town’s affairs, meaning those who make their living on commissions based on the churn of real estate stock, its a problem for the taxpayers.

  2. Mr. Mayor, Why do we have unmarked vehicles in the d.p.w They are cruising around with no numbers or village of Ridgewood markings on the door. They do not belong to the police department for under cover. We believe and that they are utilizing a white explore with no markings on them. This needs to be addressed. As a taxpayers we want to know who is utilizing These vehicles.In the end we are paying for it.
    Yours truly.
    Village tax payers association.

  3. That’s interesting Because we all know in the past superintendent‘S Of all departments Was informed from the mayor and council that all vehicles need to be lettered and numbered. Do you remember The ex manager had special lettering for vehicles. I hope the manager Conducts Thorough investigations On this. Eyes are on you.

  4. I would not mess with this new tax crew. They are all over the place. They are like a big eye ball. Oh boy!

  5. You’re telling me I see you every day it’s amazing isn’t it what can you do

  6. What is going on. Why are we having Fishy business store going on .

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