We have to get the Village out of the real estate business. We buy these things and then are prevented from doing anything with them. Schedler, horse farm, Town garage, Elk’s club. Those alone are nearly $10m of real estate the Village has bought not to mention millions in studies and plans for each.

Think about this: if you had let them be bought by market forces you’d have:
Horse farm–8 houses worth $750k each. thats $6m in taxables
Shedler–Strip mall with highway access–$5m? in taxables
Elk’s club–Could be offices or bar–$1m
Town garage–retail or restaurant with parking–$2m

so $14 million in lost taxable land. So we spent $10m, fail to collect on $14m per year AND all it causes is headaches with neighbors complaining if anyone wants to do anything with these properties. Not saying everything needs to get developed. I love trees and those neighborhood parks can be great. I am just saying that as a tax payer I hate paying for these things and then having every attempt to make them usable be shot down, criticized and attacked. Just look at the BS about the horse farm since they actually got a paying tenant. Disgraceful.