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Reader says ,we need to admit we have a problem

Ridgewood Police at RHS

Hear, hear Ridgewood parent! We need to stand up to these bullies in the REA and our BOE and claim back our schools. Fishbein, Gorman, and a number of the Trustees need to go. It starts at the top and until we admit our schools are no longer what they once were, we cannot begin to address the multitude of problems.

4 thoughts on “Reader says ,we need to admit we have a problem

  1. You think.

  2. Until the mommies stop towing the party line of their realtor and Hammer & Nail friends, nothing will ever change.

  3. Our Superintendent leaves a lot to be desired. He continually posts “feel good” missives and cannot see the problems right in front of his face. I thought he was “voluntarily” remaining until his last child was out of school. I guess he decided not to give up his “cozy cushion” and look for a job that would pay better and also give him the right to destroy another school system. I don’t know how much more time he has on his contact but it is sure to be renewed by his Lackies. To file a law suit to try to keep the people he knows love him in office so he doesn’t have to possibly have people who don’t bow before him in office instead is pure hubris. The apparent illegality of this action–or merely the fact that it defies the law–seems to escape the notice of our town lawyer.

  4. Our town lawyer doesn’t serve Village residents. He serves the Council.

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