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Reader says we need to ,”help prepare our students for the challenges of the world and workforce ahead”


Does anyone believe that Fishbein and Gorman are the right leaders for our schools? Are they capable of driving the innovation and dynamic change needed to improve our schools, and help prepare our students for the challenges of the world and workforce ahead? If the answer is no, why are they still employed?

5 thoughts on “Reader says we need to ,”help prepare our students for the challenges of the world and workforce ahead”


    It always surprises me how much people seem to self hate. If an out of state person were to read the comments one would think we are talking about Paterson or Camden or the South Bronx. My dad lived in Glen Rock and graduated RHS in the 50s my wife and I in the 80s, our kids in the 2000s and 2010s . My personal observation is that there was a slight dip (see graph) but over the decades RHS has maintained pretty well. I do think there is a risk that private schools like Bosco will continue to improve and outpace the public schools. But the negative comments do not appear to be grounded in reality.

  2. I agree to an extent.
    Settling for #26 isn’t ok. We need to stay motivated in aiming for the top ten.
    Seeing some innovation and an uptick in scores would be refreshing. When was the last time we heard that??

  3. Scores have been trending down for 20+ years. Make up any spin on the numbers or rankings you like, but until the mommies and their realtor friends admit we have a problem, nothing will change. A declining trend is a declining trend, and Fishbein and Gorman aren’t the leaders we need to drive the innovation and change needed to drive an uptick in the scores.

  4. How about teaching our kids common sense, they should be in your class. Students called common sense reality.

  5. As I said previously, we needn’t look at a single score concerning Ridgewood. The prime piece of evidence is the simple fact that top quality Universities and Colleges simply aren’t taking our students. It is always a possibility that our students want to take the low road as the high road represents too much studying and they prefer to have major party time. It is also true that many families have a child to satisfy the grandparents or to reproduce themselves and once done go immediately back to focusing on the job. The “It’s not MY child” or “MY child couldn’t have done what you say.” And then they don’t show up for teacher or Principal meetings because “they don’t have time”. As a result, many of our children prefer to take it easy and do whatever they want. We still have a larger number who are hard workers and good students so the world hasn’t completely lost any hope of surviving.

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