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Reader says we voted for least objectionable candidates – not all were necessarily “good” candidates

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Face it James – we voted for least objectionable candidates – not all were necessarily “good” candidates.
2016 – Voight and Hache were better than Willett, Weitz and Brooks and I voted for Voight and Hache, because they were the least offensive of the five – not because they were good.
Let me restate that… the candidate list was SO BAD that Voight got my vote.
2018 – Knudsen was better than Harwin and Willett and I voted for Knudsen. She is a nice person, but is not strong enough (or maybe doesn’t have the desire) to oppose the garage or fight low income housing (like Wyckoff is doing) – again least objetionable vote.
Sedon and Walsh are the best of the bunch.

8 thoughts on “Reader says we voted for least objectionable candidates – not all were necessarily “good” candidates

  1. Disagree about Walsh. She does NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. She sits there like a stone when Halaby attacks. She chastizes citizens. She was better than other choices, but definitely not the best of the bunch that year. She only got elected because she was on the coat tails of Hache and Voigt.

    And Voigt? VOMIT VOIGT?! He is the worst thing to come along since, well, since Aronsohn-Pucciarelli-Hauck. Voigt is a complete mess.

  2. I agree with the assesment, but even Sedon and Walsh went along with the 5-0 vote for the garage.

  3. Unfortunately this is how most of Ridgewood voted. The last few elections have presented us with mostly undesirable candidates, and we were forced to vote for the least objectionable people. The school board elections have not even offered us a choice of any kind. The way Ridgewood has been slamming candidates, it takes an individual with the hide of a rhino to even try. And with the council meetings and special meetings all running much longer than 3 hours, who wants to give up that kind of time? Something has to be done to set reasonable timelines and to try to lessen the nastiness of many commentators before you can expect a really qualified individual to run.

  4. OK… so we’re all in agreement about Sedon.
    Unfortunately, he is not strong enough or politically savvy enough to drive the agenda or sway others on the council.

  5. 5-0 vote for the garage people. That includes Knudsen and Hache. There is no getting around it the all vote for the garage even when some said they would not. Hows it fell to be betrayed?

  6. Even Mike? Wtf?

  7. sorry but ALL ELECTIONS you chose the lest objectionable

  8. 6:54 but wouldn’t be nice to have a candidate running of whom you actually approve? Very few people have the time or desire to run with Ridgewood’s present late hours and many personal attacks.

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