We would never be on the hook for $635,000. These are matching grants. If the grant applications(Phase1 and Phase 11) are not approved the town would have to go back to the drawing board with all that the process would entail: resolutions ,public hearings, etc. The original request from the Schedler group was a matching grant in the amount of 90,000 dollars with 45,000 dollars in an account raised by the advocates to ensure the beginning steps for saving the house ( roof, mold treatment,etc.) The council at that time voted against this grant application knowing full well that they would not be out any money. It took years to make the Stable what it is today. When money is available in the budget,fund raising and or grants, additional work will ensue. The past council was in favor of a 90 foot baseball diamond(field). The original plans for this would have entailed removal of all trees, the house and possibly a wall which the DOT would not have paid for and would have cost upwards of a million dollars. Schedler advocates want to see a long term plan for the entire property which would include the house, an all purpose grass field, a possible play ground and walking trail and the trees! Worthy goals at a price we can afford and may take several years to complete based on the willingness to do so and budgetary constraints.