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Reader says , “Weed is about the Bucks “


” I think we’re way beyond weed and all its uses, benefits, and pitfalls when it comes to the state of NJ. It’s about the bucks. Much like the buzz about gambling in AC being the magic bullet to solve New Jersey’s financial woes, weed is looked at as a new cash crop to fill our tax coffers with green. We have a 40+ year view on legalized gambling and see only bankrupt casinos, lives ruined, and power-broker pockets lined. The state lottery, online gambling, sin tax on tobacco, etc…all failures in helping people. Only more money for politicos to piss away. Only with weed, we have more stoners and fewer earners. Is it any wonder why our taxes are so high? Maybe we should legalize prostitution so we can tax sex workers while we’re at it. Murphy (or any GOP gov) and company should be focused on how to help people succeed rather than keep the citizens dumbed down and wasted. Decriminalize individual use of cannabis and penalize illegal distribution, much like alcohol laws. “

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  1. It’s about time.

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