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Reader says You clearly do not understand that addiction is a disease


You clearly do not understand that addiction is a disease. And it’s a disease that knows no boundaries – rich, poor, men, women, veterans, businessmen/women, young people, seniors. Addiction is a societal problem not a personal problem and if you consider providing help for them too much trouble then you are part of the problem. You should read about how Portugal dealt with their problems and the results.

6 thoughts on “Reader says You clearly do not understand that addiction is a disease

  1. Does personal responsibility still exist, or is everything a disease?

  2. Addiction is a PERSONAL brain disease by which the addict feeds themselves with the substance that releases all the good neurotransmitters. The body then craves more substance to release more neurotransmitters and the cycle continues. The only way you can blame SOCIETY is that we, as a whole, have been too soft and non-judgemental – AKA enablers for the addicts. Before we pass any more legislation giving all drugs the get-out-of-jail-free card, we should ask if flooding the market with a means of escape and/or stupification by substance is the best course of action in the REAL world.

  3. Sorry. There are a thousand problems and diseases to be dealt with in this world.

    Junkies – irrespective of how they are related to someone – are NOT what the government should be wasting resources on.

    The quickest way to reduce the number of junkies is to stop bailing them out and pulling them back from the dead. The message will get through quickly.

  4. It is getting all this new attention because it is hitting the suburbs, and more accurately, white people. Now it’s something we as a society must deal with.

    I’m sorry, but it is not a disease. I cannot catch it from someone I shake hands with or even have sex with. While little Johnny or Susie might be at risk, I believe it’s little Johnny or Susie, or their families, who have to deal with it. Why should I? Is lousy financial management also a disease? Is getting pregnant at 14 a disease? Please, enough of this it-takes-a-village crap.

  5. if you were ill and given these strong pain meds and became addicted yes you need help it is usually not your fault

    BUT if you try these DRUGS for fun then i have no sympathy for you do you hear the message?????

    JUST SAY NO to drugs what part of that do the young today not understand JUST SAY NO to drugs

  6. I always thought addiction was a lifestyle choice…
    …or are those other choices diseases too??

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