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Reader slams Councilman Voigt’s letter in the Ridgewood News about all the good Healthbarn does for the Village


One of the most disturbing things is how Councilman Voigt wrote in the Ridgewood News about all the good Healthbarn & Stacey does for the Village. Jeff….news flash so do a lot of charities in the Village but you failed to mention them!! The other charities are run by Village residents something Stacey is NOT. Why does the Village continue to suck up to Healthbarn? Haven’t we given her enough? She has abused her lease over & over again & yet nothing has been done. Healthban already pays under market value for rent extra land for her garden & parking spaces. Sweet deal made possible because she was connected to the right people like her good friend Roberta. Hillcrest neighborhood is suffering because the Village has a blind eye when dealing with Healthbarn. If I was the landlord to a business that has caused a lot of problems to the neighbors & violated the lease multiple times & lied about her business plan I would kick her out!!’ I wouldn’t want to put neighbors in harms way to a business that has charted busses causing dangerous situations on Hillcrest, adults drinking alcohol at her restaurant style dinners & adult parties none of which were discussed at her VC meeting when council voted on it. Those things alone should be cause for termination!!! Not to mention the tent she puts up on park land for hours at a time. She uses way more land then just her garden all for $3,700 a month. Does the Council work for Stacey or for the residents? The way I look at it is Stacey gets a pass when we get fined for leaves in the street. Stop it NOW let’s stop helping Healthbarn successed & treating a non residents business better then the tax payers!!!

20 thoughts on “Reader slams Councilman Voigt’s letter in the Ridgewood News about all the good Healthbarn does for the Village

  1. “Hillcrest neighborhood is suffering”. That may be a little over the top.

  2. @7:30. Bottom line there is a very active business with chartered busses, school busses large and small, up to 25 cars pulling in and out in the hour after school, night dinners where alchihol is allowed, birthday parties on the weekends, camps all summer long…stadium lighting on every night until 10 and an excess of noise from parties, dinners and camps!

    Don’t belittle what some people call suffering. There are many residents that are 20 + years living there and their quality of life has been changed for years now!

    Tax payers were ignored!!!

  3. It is shocking that a council member would take steps ch a dramatic stance for one business in town and not another or all! What is his MO?

  4. Bottom line is

    Ridgewood gets $3700 a month rent! That is it

    Stop pretending we get more

    We give more to this business than any business in town. Why? Wait we don’t give to businesses in town!!!

    Classes and camp are a direct conflict with classes offered by park and rec…why does parks and rec and Voight support it so much when clearly Ridgewood gives more than it gets and it upsets tax payers


  5. Jeff Voigt’s support has nothing to do with Stacey Antine or Health Barn. His sole motivation in writing that letter is to get his name in the paper. That is, to get his name in the paper for something other than being in court on charges of harassment.

  6. Bottom line is that it is the only park in the entire town that generates $45,000 a year in income to the Village.

  7. It is also the only park that has a privately run business in it. It also host multiple village sports & Parks & rec run activities. Which becomes a problem when you have events going on at the passive field, the soccer field along with Healthbarn classes coming & going. It’s a lot all at one park no other park in the Village has that much going on at one time in a neighborhood location. The Village needs to decide are the Village activities more important or the business because we can’t do both. parking is a nightmare parents continue to disobey parking & idling signs & no police routinely patrol Hillcrest during the busy times. During sport seasons everyday can be a nightmare traveling thru the Habernickle area.

  8. @1:23 it only generates income because of the gate house… That same income was generated as a residential property

    Turn the property back to residential and Ridgewood loses nothing

  9. Health Barn supporters are the same people who rail against ANY commercial use in vast national parks (even those so remote that little to no people will ever set foot in them)
    Some call it ironic.
    I call it hypocritical.

  10. The rent is the same as when a family rented it… Below market

    BUT extremely below now with a business in there generating its own income at the neighbors expense NOT to mention all the give always

    Free garbage pick up
    Free recycling
    100 x 50 piece of property
    Use of 11 acres
    Use of the play scape
    Free parking
    Endless repairs
    New landscaping
    Sprinkler system

    And I hear there is some question about lease breaking with the fence

    If the pse&g bill is paid

    And who pays the water bill inside and outside the house?

  11. 1:23 must be Roberta. This is called Roberta’s math.
    Revenue does not mean income. After expenses the income is negative.

  12. @8:27 haha but Roberta math or not they can still collect the same rent from a family- not an active business

    If it went back to residential there would be NO issue. It’s not about renting it – ir is about WHO it is rented to

  13. 10:22pm, its also about expenses that are above and beyond what was agreed to in the lease.

  14. 1:23 – um, Roberta, I have one word for you: GRAYDON.

  15. Let’s not forget all the lease violations, changes to types of classes that are offered along with everything else mentioned in above comments. Stacey presented “kids & Family gathering “ no mention of adult parties & restaurant chef dinners with alcohol. She was clearly coached by Tim & Roberta on what to say & put in her lease. That’s what’s crazy that nothing is being done to kick her out she isn’t playing by the rules put in place enough is enough!!!!!!!!

  16. Why is the council ignoring this??? All of them

  17. That’s the question that should of been answered as soon as past council members left. Susan & Michael Voted NO for Healthbarn to come & yet they have done nothing.

  18. Voigt sings the praises of CRAB and organic gardening, while calling out DOUCHEBAG from the dais. What a guy.

  19. Hot Mic – like when Jesse Jackson called Obama a nigger on an open mic. We see what these people are made of.

  20. Is 807’s comment really print worthy?

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