One of the most disturbing things is how Councilman Voigt wrote in the Ridgewood News about all the good Healthbarn & Stacey does for the Village. Jeff….news flash so do a lot of charities in the Village but you failed to mention them!! The other charities are run by Village residents something Stacey is NOT. Why does the Village continue to suck up to Healthbarn? Haven’t we given her enough? She has abused her lease over & over again & yet nothing has been done. Healthban already pays under market value for rent extra land for her garden & parking spaces. Sweet deal made possible because she was connected to the right people like her good friend Roberta. Hillcrest neighborhood is suffering because the Village has a blind eye when dealing with Healthbarn. If I was the landlord to a business that has caused a lot of problems to the neighbors & violated the lease multiple times & lied about her business plan I would kick her out!!’ I wouldn’t want to put neighbors in harms way to a business that has charted busses causing dangerous situations on Hillcrest, adults drinking alcohol at her restaurant style dinners & adult parties none of which were discussed at her VC meeting when council voted on it. Those things alone should be cause for termination!!! Not to mention the tent she puts up on park land for hours at a time. She uses way more land then just her garden all for $3,700 a month. Does the Council work for Stacey or for the residents? The way I look at it is Stacey gets a pass when we get fined for leaves in the street. Stop it NOW let’s stop helping Healthbarn successed & treating a non residents business better then the tax payers!!!